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Set of 2 Toothbrush The Fist Years

Ref.: Y7066 | Soft bristle toothbrush sized and shaped for your toddler to begin early, good oral hygiene practice. Easy-grip design with soft bristles and a small hea...

Nail clippers kit

Ref.: Y3200 | All the basics to keep baby neatly groomed and safe from scratches.Implements are sized and shaped for delicate baby fingernails. Contains:4 x gentle eme...

Nail Clipper with Magnifier The First Years

Ref.: Y7064 | Deluxe nail clipper with fold away 4x magnifier to increase confidence and reduce eyestrain while trimming baby’s tiny nails. Features precision, s...

Sure Grip Nail Clippers, 2 Pack THE FIRST YEARS

Ref.: Y7076 | Featuring stainless steel blades and a firm grip, this nail clipper will help you trim your baby’s nails with care. The grip will allow you to get...

Cooling gel pads

Indicative Price | Ref.: LC22602 | For use with our cooling gel pads from our bottom care diaper rash relief system. There are so many times when mom's rol...

Diapers - Batuffi

Price starting from Rs. 199 | Ref.: Batuffi | Diapers anatomical children, super absorbent, with wraparound side barriers, soft and comfortable, hypoallerg...

Bath Stand C524 Cam Grigio

Ref.: C524 | Bath Stand C524 Cam Grigio - Ideal for the bath - Compact closure - Dimensions: 62 x 91 x 88 cm; 2.8 Kg  

Soothing breast wipes

Indicative Price | Ref.: Y4626 | Soothing breast wipes are designed to help soothe and protect nipples, as well as gently cleanse and refresh before and af...

Confort care deluxe kit set baby - First Years

Ref.: Y7055 | Ideal for the changing bag.Includes sturdy storage bag with soft sides.Includes essential items for baby care, at home and on the go. Contains: 1 baby su...


Ref.: C095 | Age of use: 0-12 months Features: With 2 anatomic seats (one reclined seat for babies from 0 to 6 months, and the other one with armrests for childre...

CAM - Bathtub on stand BAGNO

Ref.: KitbagnoC525 | Age of use:0-12 months Features:Includes Baby Bagno baby bath with 2 anatomically shaped, non-slip seats (one reclined seat for babies from 0 to 6...

Soft Grip Trainer Seat

Ref.: Y7480 | Keep things simple with withthe soft grip trainer seat, deisnged for an easy potty training experience for bith your child and you. Fitting on your famil...