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  • Grand Baie

Ref.: BHN001861 | Opt for this plate COUSCOUS MAROCCO to add colors on your table.

High glass BEES
  • Curepipe

Ref.: LR606701 | High glass made of pressed glass, decorated with four bees. Height : 138mm / ø : 85mm / Volume : 31clWeight: 420G

Decorative cup
  • Curepipe

Ref.: VHLIN394 | Decorative cupMaterial : Metal 

Christmas mug
  • Curepipe

Ref.: NV593 | Choose this christmas mug to decorate your home during ending years parties.

Set of coffee spoons
  • Curepipe

Ref.: VH-ST129 | Set of coffee spoons for hot drinks (tea, coffee, chocolate).

24 piece cutlery set PIX'ELLE
  • Curepipe

Ref.: 507068 | A lot of class for this graphic and refined product that will find its place on our tables and in our contemporary kitchens. Take note, the originality...

24 pieces cutlery set OUPS
  • Curepipe

Ref.: 820068 | A round design for a daily usage, with harmonious and contemporary shapes. 18/10 stainless steelthickness 2.5 mmdishwasher proofmirror finish Compositio...

86 pieces cutlery set J'AI GOUTE
  • Curepipe

Ref.: 62400 | Cutlery with smooth asymmetrical curves that add a touch of originality and playfulness to your table. To be mixed with all types of sauces!18/10 stainle...

24 pieces cutlery set GLAMIS
  • Curepipe

Ref.: 447068 | Glamis has been thought out in symmetry.A sober range and timeless for those who like quality and simplicity18/10 stainless steelmirror finishthickness...

74 pieces cutlery set EOLE
  • Curepipe

Ref.: 25500 | Cutlery for every day use, simple and modern with harmonious and smooth curves. 18/10 stainless steelmirror finishthickness 2,5 mmdishwasher proof The bo...

Wine glass LYONNAIS
  • Curepipe

Ref.: LR631710 | Stemmed glass in pressed, anthracite grey glass. Ball stem and bowl decorated with Renaissance motifs. From the glassworks' 19th century collection. H...

Wine glass LYONNAIS
  • Curepipe

Ref.: LR631701 | Stemmed glass made of pressed glass. Ball stem and bowl decorated with attractive, raised, Renaissance-inspired motifs. From the LA ROCHÈRE 19t...

Wine glass BEE
  • Curepipe

Ref.: LR611001 | Stemmed glass made of pressed glass. Bowl decorated with six bees. This collection features the symbols of Napoleon's leathergoods. Height : 141mm / &...

Mini-tray RING
  • Curepipe

Ref.: 618501 | Mini-tray made of pressed glass. Oval-shaped and with a rounded edge. Matches the expresso cup. Height : 13mmWeight: 140G

Wine glass PERIGORD
  • Curepipe

Ref.: LR621001 | Stemmed glass made of pressed glass, bowl with flat-cut sides. A major classic of the glassworks' 19th century collection. Height : 140mm / ø :...

  • Curepipe

Ref.: LR632301 | Height : 119mm / ø : 84mm / Volume : 27clWeight: 342G

Glass long drink LYONNAIS
  • Curepipe

Ref.: LR615401 | Pressed glass long drink. Small, low stem. Sides decorated with a raised design inspired by prized Renaissance motifs. Height : 142mm / ø : 83m...

glass maxi long BEES
  • Curepipe

Ref.: LR622201 | Pressed glass maxi long drink, decorated with four bees. Height : 160mm / ø : 90mm / Volume : 46clWeight: 515G

Blue Dainty Floral Milk Jug
  • Curepipe

Ref.: BB886 | Add a touch of class to tea time with this delightful milk jug, displaying a transfer printed pattern in light blue, this could also be used for displayi...

Wine glass
  • Curepipe

Ref.: BB791 | Edwardian Etched wine glass 18cm