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BAMBURY - Bath towels
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 200 | Ref.: S732 | Towels 100% cotton in several colors. Available in bath towel, bath mat ...

Ready Made - Curtains Collection

Price starting from Rs. 2500 | Ref.: RDMCUT001 | Add a touch of style and elegance to your room with our new collection of ready-made curtains. A wide ran...

Duvet Cover Set

Price starting from Rs. 4900 | Ref.: DD11 | Set of duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, available in a wide range of colors.


Price starting from Rs. 6985 | Ref.: everest-couette | The Everest synthetic duvet has been specially designed for winter! Envelope: percale satin 100%...

FANCY Pillowcase

Ref.: fancy-taie d'oreiller | The Fancy cotton pillowcase, reinforced with 57 threads / cm², is inspired by the liberty and folk trends and is dressed in a pea pattern...

GATSBY Pillowcase

Ref.: gatsby-taie d'oreiller | GATSBY Pillowcase It is made in percale 80 threads / cm² and is in reactive printing. Dimensions: 65 x 65 cm 100% Cotton

URBAN Pillowcase

Ref.: urban-taie d'oreiller | Printed pillow case, 57-thread embossed fabric. 100% Cotton Dimensions: 65 x 65 cm.

COLIBRI Pillowcase

Ref.: colibri-taie d'oreiller | This pillowcase Colibri will make you travel. Dimensions: 65 x 65 cm

Shower towel LOLA II

Ref.: lola-drap de douche | Shower towel LOLA II Color: Linen, green, turquoise, ivory, carmine, fuschia, raspberry, anthracite, lilas, pearl, vision, orange, corai...

Bed sheet MAESTRO

Price starting from Rs. 3040 | Ref.: maestro-drap de lit | Maestro bed sheet, in satin 100% combed cotton. Available in several sizes: 180 x 290 cm - R...

SUNRISE Bed sheet

Price starting from Rs. 1985 | Ref.: sunrise-drap de lit | SUNRISE Bed sheet that will fit perfectly into your interior. 100% Cotton Available in 2 s...

Bath towel ILOHA

Ref.: Iloha-drap de bain-turquoise | This bath towel for adults in 100% cotton (600g / m²) loop presents a beautiful embroidery of exotic flower. Dimensions: 90 x 1...

FEROE - Bed sheet

Price starting from Rs. 2250 | Ref.: Feroe-drap de lit | FEROE bed sheet is made of 80 cotton / cm² cotton. Available in 2 sizes: 180 x 290 cm - Rs 225...

Bed sheet CALYPSO

Price starting from Rs. 3500 | Ref.: Calypso-drap de lit | The bed sheet Calypso is made of cotton percale 80 threads / cm². White in color, it will fit pe...

SONGE Fitted sheet

Price starting from Rs. 1920 | Ref.: Songe-drap housse | SONGE Fitted sheet which will fit perfectly into your interior. A great choice of colors: White...

Fitted sheet CHARME

Ref.: Charme-drap housse-glacier | Fitted sheet CHARME 100% Cotton Dimensions: 140 x 190 cm

Bath towel INAYA

Ref.: Inaya-drap de bain-ebene | Bath towel INAYA for adults. Dimensions: 90 x 150 cm 100% Cotton


Ref.: Valentine-drap-douche | Valentine shower sheet in 100% cotton, 600grs / m² with floral notes. Dimensions: 70 x 120 cm.


Price starting from Rs. 3725 | Ref.: Himalaya-couette | Always the same quality of a polyester thermolite packing but in "SUMMER" version of 200grs / m2. A...

Plain bath mat LOLA

Price starting from Rs. 920 | Ref.: Lola-tapis | COMPOSITION: 100% Cotton Discover our range of solid bath mats and choose your bath set from a wide range...