Caterpillar is a global company with manufacturing facilities in 54 locations around the world and dealers in more than 1000 locations in nearly 160 countries. Scomat Ltée is proud to represent Caterpillar products and services that excel where others fail.

However, Scomat is not complacent. Scomat recognises that in the new paradigm of increased and even global competition it has to constantly review and push standards and services to new levels customers demand. Indeed, competitive conditions demand that a product gets more done, in less time, at the lowest possible cost.

Since the creation of Scimat in 2000, Scomat's regional dealership for Mauritius & Reunion, Scomat's customers have benefited from the combined strength of both Scomat and Scime. This new strategic partnership is growing to give Scomat immense flexibility, a vital attribute for success. Caterpillar dealers strive to form strong working relationships with Cat product owners. Scomat has invested in a Product Support and Marketing department to achieve precisely this objective.
The Customer Care and other programmes are unique and strengthen Scomat's reputation for superior Product Support. More importantly, they help Scomat's products work harder, last longer and cost less over their lifetime.
Our people are our most valuable assets. Scomat truly believe in this philosophy. Hence, as part of our career development programme, a dedicated competence center (officially registered with the Government) has been set up as a means to continuously train and develop not only our people but also our customers.

The Academy is led by a full time trainer to ensure that a training culture is embedded within our organisation. We also have a full time Truck Driving instructor who regularly conducts training with the clientele to ensure that efficient and eco-driving techniques are applied. He also contributes to road-testing of trucks in workshop.

Through this, we ensure a continuous upgrade of skills and knowhow in our product lines and that our people are well equipped to embrace new technologies

Scomat 80 Years:

Below is a list of Scomat's key events :

2014 85 Years of Caterpillar presence in the Mauritian Territory
2009 80 years of Caterpillar presence in the Mauritian territory.
2009 ISO 9001:2008 Certified
2006 ISO 9001:2000 Certified
2004 Inauguration of Scomat's new premises at Pailles
2001 Creation of Scomat
Our regional dealership combining the strength of Scomat and Scime in Reunion
1997 Creation of Scomat Ltee
Scomat Ltee was set up as one of the business units of the IBL Group dealing exclusively with Caterpillar products and services
1997 Inauguration of Scomat's new premises at Cassis
1963 Inauguration of Caterpillar building at Cassis
1931 First D3 Caterpillar tractor sold to Anglo Ceylon
1929 Dealership established in Mauritius

Signature of dealership agreement between Caterpillar and Blyth Brothers and Co. Ltd. The Agricultural and General Engineering Department operated from offices at La Chaussée Street, Port Louis


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synchronising panels
  • Port Louis

Scomat offers set mounted synchronising panels or custom made free standing panels, which include load management system to meet any of your special requirements.

Automatic Changeover Panels
  • Port Louis

Automatic Changeover Panels Power Solutions that are designed for you... Slide Show Image Slide Show Image These are electric panels which will ensure automatic transfer of p...

Fuel Tank and Automatic Transfer System
  • Port Louis

We can offer custom made bulk tanks of any dimensions to meet any requirements

Sound Proofing
  • Port Louis

Sound Proofing Power solutions that are designed for you.. Slide Show Image Slide Show Image In addition to the wide range of sound attenuated enclosures, Scomat can also sou...

Cat Marine Power
  • New
  • 2016
  • Port Louis

Marine Power Slide Show Image Slide Show Image Whether you use your boat for business or pleasure , remember the unique Cat combination of performance and reliability. You ca...

Industrial Engines
  • Cat
  • Port Louis

Industrial Engines Our Engines ensure that quality is built in from the beginning Slide Show Image Slide Show Image Scomat has a wide variety of engines to suit your applicat...

Surge Protection
  • New
  • Port Louis

Surge Protection From protecting multi media applications on your desktop system to workstations on a network, APC's SurgeArrest line is designed to protect your home and business...

Other Genset Rental 2016
  • New
  • Port Louis

Genset Rental Focus on your business- leave the hassle for us.. Slide Show Image Slide Show Image Need a generator set for an event or for a backup power right away?

  • New
  • Port Louis

Domestic Applications A wide range of generators to cater for your domestic use during outage of power. Slide Show Image Slide Show Image We provide you with a range of quali...

Other Higer 2016
  • New
  • Port Louis

Higer drive you higher Higer Buses - Scomat is proud to commercialise the well renowed HIGER brand. Mini buses, public and Coach buses are now available. Contact Kevin our ded...

Iveco Trakker 2016
  • New
  • Port Louis

Trakker Indestructible, indefatigable, incomparable. Slide Show Image Slide Show Image THE VEHICLE The Trakker is Iveco's heavy truck product for customers looking to...

Iveco Euro Cargo 2016
  • New
  • Port Louis

Euro Cargo Power, reliability, commitment, performance. Slide Show Image Slide Show Image THE VEHICLE Eurocargo: the most suitable truck for every applica...

Iveco Daily 2016
  • New
  • Port Louis

Daily Strong, Responsive, Bold. Slide Show Image Slide Show Image The Vehicle DAILY is the ideal partner for the transport professional. Thanks to years of experience...

Other Hydraulic Hammers 2016
  • New
  • Port Louis

Scomat proposes a full range of breakers for carriers from 0.7 Tons to 90 Tons. Silver Clip Range: For carriers from 0.7 to 14 tons Medium Range : For carriers from 12 to 2...

Other FIORI self loading truck mixers 2016
  • New
  • Port Louis

Self-propelled Concrete Mixers FIORI self loading truck mixers for production and pouring of concrete for civil engineering works. Slide Show Image Slide Show Image It is not...

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