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Boat candle holder
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 960159684 | Superbe wooden candle holder with 3 tealight candles will smoothe the atmosphere with a warm light.

Diffuseur Brume de parfum - Esteban

Ce diffuseur réunit la haute qualité de parfumage et l’originalité d’un design artistique. Un nouveau plaisir olfactif associé à une brume fine et aérienne pour créer des précieux...

Citronella candle bucket
  • Port Louis

Ref.: L651 | Parfume your home with these Citronella candle.

Glitter Tea light
  • Port Louis

Ref.: XA-TLGlit | Glitter tealight for the festive season Sold by pack of 9 pieces

Essential Oil 50ml - YU
  • Port Louis

Ref.: XLD458 | Choose these essential oils for their natural scents.Available in various scents:Blueberry, Jasmine, Lotus, Lavender, Vanilla and Cherry.

Tea-lights candles (Box of 50 units)
  • Port Louis

Ref.: XLD452 | These heart shaped candles can be displayed on your table for parties or in an outdoor or indoor photophore.Available in red and pink.

Decorative candles (12 units)
  • Port Louis

Ref.: XLD444 | Add fun in your parties decoration with theses bright coloured candles.Available in several colors.Duration (light): 4.5 to 5 hours

submersible LED candle
  • Port Louis

Ref.: A3 | Brighten your glasses, vase, champagne bucket. Perfectly waterproof, the submersible LED candle flows into your container.Available in several colors. Sold...

Cylindrical glass vase
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1900 | Ref.: XA128 | This cylindrical glass vase is ideal for small flower bouquets.It will be perfect as a table center. Available...

Double petroleum lamp
  • Port Louis

Indicative Price | Ref.: LP-TDDE9213 | Double happiness petroleum lamp. The price shown is for a pair of lamp.

LED candle
  • Port Louis

Ref.: L193-8 | LED candleHeight : 20 cm 

Jar with rope
  • Port Louis

Ref.: L533 | Jar with ropeHeight : 12 cm 

Candle holder
  • Port Louis

Ref.: L663 | Candle holder with rope.

Floating Candles
  • Port Louis

Ref.: XLD443 | Choose this set of 12 floating candles that will bring a final touch to your table decoration.

Bird Cage Candle Holder
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 750 | Ref.: L265 | Slide in a few candles and let yourself be charmed by a soft and warm atmosphere with this photophore.Available...

Yellow LED candle
  • Port Louis

Ref.: A1 | Led technology allows the candle to reproduce the flickering of a real flame without the inconvenience!Sold in box of 20 pieces.

Floating flower candle
  • Port Louis

Ref.: XA112 | Dinner by the light of small flames delicately deposited on water or sand ...Available in several colors. 

Scented incense stick
  • Port Louis

Ref.: xa82 | SIAM Incense stick reproduces the scents of nature and keep your environment fresh.Available in several fragrances at Rs 75 Package: Rose, Moke, rose...

Flameless LED candle 5''
  • Port Louis

Ref.: L193-5 | Flameless LED candle Height : 13 cm 

Salt lamp
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1475 | Ref.: LP-TDDE10357 | This Himalayan salt lamp placed on a base broadcasts is entirely natural. The salt lamp is portable for...