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Affichant 1 - 20 de 1915
Lampe suspendue circulaire plat
  • Port Louis

Lampe suspendue circulaire plat en métal et tissus. Dimensions: Hauteur: 30 cm Diametre: 50 cm Puissance en marche: 60W Ref : ZOK 018 * Ampoule non-incluse

Bande led flexible BLEU
  • Port Louis

Cette bande led flexible vous permet de réaliser de nombreux projets d'éclairages. Vous pouvez mettre en valeur vos meubles, décorer votre boutique, créer une ambiance lumineuse un...

Set de 4 lustres circulaire
  • Port Louis

Set de 4 lustres circulaire en métal et raphia. Dimensions: Hauteur: 1m60 Diametre: 40 cm Puissance en marche: 4 x 60W Ref : OSP 047 BEI * Ampoules non-incluses

Spot - 8W
  • Port Louis

Ref.: KL SP 8W | With its sleek shape, it will fit in every room of your home and add a modern touch to your home.Power Rating: 8W* With warm white light

Led spot discover
  • Port Louis

Led spot discover- CLT004 Available in silver, copper, bronze, military green. 230V: 12V 3105rs: 3220rs

Luminaire LED pour faux-plafonds
  • Port Louis

Luminaire adapté pour les faux-plafonds. 600 x 1200 1200 x 300 300 x 600 600 x 600

Macaroons lamp
  • Port Louis

Ref.: XA390 | This lamp with 3 macaroons will go very well in the interior decoration of a stall or even in your kitchen.It is a very good element of decoration, very...

Electric lamp
  • Port Louis

Ref.: LAP | Give a touch of romance to your bedroom with this ceruse wooden electric lamp.

Paper lantern
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 30 | Ref.: LP-TDDE9234 | Available in: Green; Emerald; Blue; Orange; White; Black; Beige; Light Turquoise, Turquoise, Fushia, Neon...

Silver lighting ball
  • Port Louis

Ref.: L752 | Silver lighting ballDimensions : 2m  

Garland mini lantern with light
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 235 | Ref.: LC-P-17551 | Made of paper, 2 mts 30 long. 

Chinese table lamp
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 1452 | Red table lamp with Chinese inscription meaning "Double happiness"

Copper Wire Light
  • Port Louis

Indicative Price | Ref.: XA-COP | 2 metres long, works with 2 x AA battery with led bulbs.  Easy to use as copper wire are flexible and adjusted to an...

Garland Cotton Ball with Light
  • Port Louis

Ref.: LC-P-175509 | Handmade 100 % Thailand. Garland with light made of cotton threads. Measure: 3 mts long

Salt lamp
  • Port Louis

Ref.: XA89 | Height: 19cmThis salt lamp will emanate positive features and a bit of nature in your home.

Up & Downlight
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 8056 | Up & DownlightMaterial:Aluminium body with temper glassVoltage:220-240V or 110-130V / 50-60HzLampholder / Watt:8052/8054-AL: GU10 max. 35W8056-AL: GU1...

Square Led panels
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 6762 | Ref.: Led Panel ceiling | Square Led panels1200 x 600 – 80W – 6500K.1200 x 300 – 40W – 6500K.600 x 6...

Up or Down Light
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 8054 | Up or Down LightMaterial:Aluminium body with temper glassVoltage:220-240V or 110-130V / 50-60HzLampholder / Watt:7141: GU10 max. 35W7142: GU10 max. 2x35WI...

Surface Led Panels
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 345 | Ref.: Surface Led Panels | Surface Led Panels6W, 10W, 18W – 3000K.

Suspended timber lighting
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 13800 | Ref.: GRE84 | This homemade luminaire is made entirely of solid wood.The spotlights that are embedded there.To be suspended...