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Braided basket
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: ACBB092 | Braided basket with lid.Diameter: 25cmHeight: 50cm

Braided bamboo basket
  • Terre Rouge

Price starting from Rs. 450 | Ref.: ACBB077M | Braided bamboo basket,available in 2 dimensions.

Rattan basket with lid
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: ACLB006M | Rattan basket with lidDiameter: 35cmHeight: 40cm

Rattan laundry basket
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: ACLB004 | Rattan basket with lid and handle on both sides. Diameter: 40cmHeight: 60cm

Rattan laundry basket
  • Terre Rouge

Price starting from Rs. 1795 | Ref.: ACBB075 | Rattan laundry basket with handles.Available in 3 dimensions.

Floor polisher K
  • Port Louis

Ref.: FP 303 | A perfect shine for every floor. With the FP303 vacuum polisher, polishing your floor is extremely easy. - Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years - 600 W, 1000...

WV2 Window Vac
  • Port Louis

Ref.: WV2 | When maintaining the home, attention to detail matters. The Kärcher WV2 window vac effortlessly removes unwanted dirt and stains from windows without...

Laundry Bin
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 4008838724903 | Laundry Bin- Available in Dark Blue and White

Wet & Dry Vaccum cleaner
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 8013298063055 | Wet & Dry Vaccum cleaner- Power : 1,600 W- 270 barWarranty : 1 year

Water and dust vacuum cleaner Vac 20s
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 8013298065332 | Silenced motor. Double electrical insulation. Suction system with by-pass cooling. Blowing function. Accessory storage facility. Metal tank. Powe...

Vacuum Cleaner for Cars
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 8013298065639 | The innovative vacuum cleaner designed by LAVOR dedicated to car interiors. Ultra compact and ultra-powerful thanks to an engine of 600 Watt. Col...

Multi-use cloth
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 004374 | Ref: 004374This multi-purpose microfiber cloth can be used dry or wet and without any cleaning product for all surfaces. It captures dust by capillary a...

Car sponge
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0069597 | Ref : 0069597Use the foam and microfibre side by rubbing gently to remove dirt. Its dense material absorbs a greater quantity of washing solution. ...

Ironing board
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 002477 | Ref : 002477Ironing boardModel : Poker- Dimensions : 122 x 38 cm - Adjustable height 70 to 94 cm- Removable wardrobeColors depends of arrival. ...

Cleaning cloths
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 004371 | Ref: 004371Efficiently and safely clean furniture, the screen of your laptop, touch pad or smartphone by purchasing a microfiber cloth. Its soft texture...

Ironing board ROY
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0062998 | Ref : 0062998Light and stable ironing board for pressing clothing.Dimensions : 122 x 38 cmColors depand arrival.

Broom hangers
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0071030 | Ref : 0071030Wall broom hangers for 2 brooms and other accessories.Colors choice: Pink, green, grey 

Ironing board CLASSIC/STUDIO
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0062997 | Ref: 0062997For a fast, convenient and effective ironing.Choose this ironing board that will make your life easier.Dims: 110 x 33 cmDifferent colors ac...

  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 105204DEAC | Round rattan basket.Diameter : 47 cmHeight : 65 cm

  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 105203DEAC | Round basket in natural rattan. Dimensions : 44 cm x h47 cm