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Liquid marseille soap 750ml
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Ref.: NV99 | Durance's Marseille soap refill is made in a cauldron, as is tradition. Its formula, based on plant oils, gently cleanses and is perfect for hand wash. Wi...

Scented textile softener
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Ref.: NV95 | Softening agents and protective enzymes have been combined to create Durance Textile Softener, which has been tested to prove its efficacity. Durance has...

Pillow perfume 50ml
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Ref.: NV100 | The formula for our pillow perfume is specially made to be used on the linen. · Our delicate perfumes will help you have a relaxing sleep. ·...

Scented linen water
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Ref.: NV99 | Durance has delved into the ancestral traditions of Provence to bring you products “for the senses” that are gentle on your laundry while leav...

Dishwashing Detergent 1L
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Ref.: NV94 | Environmentally compliant, Durance Dish Washing Detergent is made up of over 95% ingredients of natural origin. Mint-Verbena: rich in essential Verbena an...

Ignis Washing Machine
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Top Loading 6kg Ignis Italy washing machine in good condition. Well maintained.