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Micro Waste Water Treatment Plant

Price starting from Rs. 150000 | Ref.: albx 1 | Go Green & Recycle your Water! Discover our range of Micro Waste Water Treatment plants and clean your...

Gas Water Heater
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6091242160649 | Gas Water Heater - REU 16 L Outdoor • Temperature controlled continuous flow gas hot water system • With / without remote controls, mount...

Electric water-heater Shape - 30 L

Ref.: Weshp30 | This Shape R electric water heater can be installed above or below the sink. Front temperature control knob.Large quantities of hot water.Antifreeze fu...

Electric Water heater ARISTON

Ref.: WHMERALUX15 | Electric Water heater ARISTON- Installation under sink- Capacity : 15L 

Electric water heater - 80L

Ref.: WESHPECO80V | This electric water heater is a new range of Ariston. It stores the time during which hot water was needed and prepares it to be available when nee...

Water Heater ARISTON

Ref.: WHMERALUX30 | Water Heater ARISTON Technical characteristics : - Installation under sink - Anode Magnesium - Shielded resistance 2000W - Power supply 23...

Electric water-heater Shape - 15 L

Ref.: weshp15 | With its compact dimensions, this Shape R wall mounted electric water heater can be installed either above or below the sink. Very fast heating.Tempera...

Elm Leblanc Gas Water Heater

Price starting from Rs. 16600 | Ref.: WHSNILC11PVHY/C14/C17 | Elm Le Blanc Gas Water Heater Available in 10,13 and 16 litres A comprehensive security The...

Electric water-heater Shape Eco-50L

Ref.: WESHPECO50V | The Ariston wall-mounted electric water heater has a vertical tank enamelled with vitreous enamel at 850 ° C. The peripheral insulation of the...

Pacific Water Heater
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: PAC-K6L | Water heater PACIFIC Characteristics - Capacity: 6 L- Protective device- Oxygen detection Warranty: 24 months

Rico Water Heater
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: GW1511 | Gas water heaters for domestic use. Characteristics :Protective deviceFlame Failure Protection3 Temperature Control ButtonsSwitch Hot or coldOn / Off sw...

Water heater ALPHA SMART 18EP
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 526826 | SMART Features Auto Test: Auto checking of the internal circuit to detect any possible current leakage ELCB: Cuts off current flow in the event of any...

Gas water heater PACIFIC JSD1288
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 526049 | Gas water heater PACIFIC Very low start-up Water pressure (0.03 MPa) Flameout protection device Anti-frost protection Anti-dry burning protection...

Gas water heater MIKACHI MGWH6LTS2
  • Port Louis

Ref.: MGWH6LTS2 (526926) | Mikachi Gas Water Heater 6L; Gas water heater 6 LTS Flame out protection Anti-dry burning Protection Over heating Protection...

Water Heater - ALPHA SMART 18E
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 526825 | Technology is constantly evolving, becoming more and more "intelligent" to anticipate our needs. Presenting the next generation of shower heater with a...

Chauffe eau a gaz TRUST
  • Neuve
  • Flacq - Belle Mare

Chauffe eau a gaz TRUST Mega promo on gas water heater At only Rs 1600 Now at furniture plus Bouklet Rouge Flacq For more info call 4134375

Fibre Glass Water tanks
  • Grand Baie

On Quotation | Ref.: reservoirs | No more worries about water supply in periods of drought thanks to fiberglass tanks, these solid and reliable tanks are r...

Water pump Pentax PM 45
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Pentax PM 45 | Peripheral positive displacement pumps with frontal pumps for small household systems and simple industrial application...

Pressure tanks MAXIRED
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Varem-maxired | Pressure tanks MAXIREDThe Maxired plus tank is a high pressure bladder tank of the Varem Jetly brand.They are ideally...

KVC-X 85/120 Vertical pump
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: KVC4 | Vertical Pump KVC-X 85 / 120T Specifications- Flow rate max 12 m³ / h- Height of discharge (?) 112 meters, pressure of 11....