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Lot de 20 serviettes en papier - Les princesses avec les animaux

20 serviettes en papier- Les princesses avec les animaux Ces serviettes en papier sera votre allié lors des goûter d'anniversaire de vos petites princesses ! Dims: 33 x 33 cm

Moto grande vitesse télécommandé

La boite inclut: la moto télécommandé grande vitesse, batterie rechargeable avec chargeur, télécommande avec piles. - Fabriqué par Velocity Toys! Fonctionnant sur batterie! (Rech...

Anneau de dentition

Ref.: LC23025 | Cet anneau de dentition aux éléments en forme de fruits offre différentes textures et amusera votre bébé avec ses co...

Mon t

Prix Indicatif | Ref.: LC23115 | Ce téléphone à la texture conçue pour les gencives de bébé joue de la musique qu...


Ref.: Y6197 | Spécifications- 6-18 mois- Sans BPA, sans PVC, sans Latex, sans Phthalates- En silicone- S'ajuste au visage de bébé

Maisonette Escalade & glissade

Prix Indicatif | Ref.: 170935 | Ce toboggan amusera vos petits pendant des heures! Cette jolie maisonnette peut être utilisé à l'int&ea...

Sure Grip Nail Clippers, 2 Pack THE FIRST YEARS

Ref.: Y7076 | Featuring stainless steel blades and a firm grip, this nail clipper will help you trim your baby’s nails with care. The grip will allow you to get...

First Years - Microwave sterilizer

Indicative Price | Ref.: Y4713 | The first year microwave sterilizer destroys harmful household bacteria on bottles, pacifiers, breast pump parts and other...

Pandas Pals Soft Book LAMAZE

Ref.: LC27900 | Panda's Pal's is a cloth book that features high contrast animals that stimulate baby's developing vision and a crinkly plush panda on the cover.High c...

Auldey - Helicopter

Indicative Price | Ref.: YW858110G | Take flight with this high-power Sky Rover RC helicopter> 3 Channel > G-Viator GV-002. Dominate the skies as you...

Lunchbox FROZEN

Ref.: 005252 | Send them off on their next picnic or any enchanted adventure with our Frozen lunch box. Perfect for snacks and sandwiches, it features Frozen character...

Flying ball

Indicative Price | Ref.: JY-520 | Flying ball R / C with 2 channels. A beautiful gift for your kids who are going to be thoroughly on this game!

Frozen cup

Ref.: 005245 | Frozen cup in polypropylene.250 ml

Creative - Book : My first ABC's

Ref.: 9721419 | Develop the knowledge of letters, of imagination and the ability of your children by offering them this 18-page book. In this booklet, 18 letters will...

Creative - Book : Going on a trip in...

Ref.: 9721405 | Develop the knowledge of numbers, of imagination and the ability of your children by offering them this 18-page book. The book contains 18 pages with u...

SKY ROVER - Master remote controlled helicopter

Ref.: YW857302 | Remote controlled Sky Rover Master helicopter with wheels.Intelligent Circuit ProtectionUSB charger includedHigh speed motorA / B / C controls4-way co...


Ref.: C095 | Age of use:0-12 monthsFeatures:With 2 anatomic seats (one reclined seat for babies from 0 to 6 months, and the other one with armrests for children from 6...


Indicative Price | Ref.: Y7066 | Soft bristle toothbrush sized and shaped for your toddler to begin early, good oral hygiene practice. Easy-grip design wit...

Soothing breast wipes

Indicative Price | Ref.: Y4626 | Soothing breast wipes are designed to help soothe and protect nipples, as well as gently cleanse and refresh before and af...

Hauck - Sleep'n safe reference princess 595923

Indicative Price | Ref.: 595923 | Hauck - sleep'n safe princess ref 595923 The Sleep'n safe from Disney protects your child from falling out of bed. It can...