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PVC glue
  • Terre Rouge

Price starting from Rs. 93 | Ref.: PP51 | PVC base glueApplication with a spatulaDiltution: PureTransparentContain: 250ML, 500ML(Including VAT + 10% d...

Painting-Natura Rochester
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 407 | Ref.: Rochester | Sand blasted type finish for interior walls. Available in: 1L, 5L, 20L Go Green has spearheaded the move to...

Painting-Natura Sahel
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 407 | Ref.: Sahel | Desert sand, suede type finish for interior walls. Available in: 1L, 5L, 20L Go Green has spearheaded the move...

Primaire acrylique
  • Terre Rouge

Primaire a base de copolymère acrylique. Mate. Trés résistant. Peut-être utiliser comme sous-couche pour tous type de peintures. DESTINATION: Tout support résistant à l'humidité....

Plinth Moulure
  • Port Louis

Plinth Moulure Facile à installer et durable qui offre une résistance à l’humidité et aux termites. Il ne gonflera pas, ne pourrira pas, ne décollera pas et ne se détériorera pas...

Adhesive coating tape Assour Chape 19
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW018 | Assour 19 is is a thin sound - deadening underlay for floating floors, made of a glass fibre mat surfaced with a bituminous coumpound and plastic film wi...

Den PU-Foam 750ml
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PT105 | For filling gaps between floors, walls, ceilings, doors and around pipe work, window and door frames. Available: 750 mL

Zar Blanco Tiles

Ref.: TWZARBLANCO | Zar Blanco TilesDimension : 20 x 20 cmOrigin : Spain Price per square meter 

testing product in EN only
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 123456 | With reference advertiser with promotionnal price.

Sealing membrane SBS - BITUFLEX F 1.7mm E/E
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW013 | Sealing membrane SBS 1st layer.Package dimensions: 1m x 20m 

Sealing membrane BITUFLEX for garden 3mm / 4mm
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1850 | Ref.: PW0114 | BITUFLEX for garden 3mm: Rs 1850BITUFLEX for garden 4mm: Rs 2100Package dimensions: 1m x 10m

Wall protection SIPLAST FONDA+
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW021 | Protection board to primary membranes on external basement walls and other foundations structures, as drainage or protection of waterproofing membranes....

SBS Membrane
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1200 | Ref.: PW011 | 2nd layer SBS MembraneBitumgum F 3.25 kg - White: Rs 1270Bitumgum F 3.25 kg - Gray: Rs 1200Bituflex F 4 kg - W...

Cement Finishes
  • Curepipe

Price starting from Rs. 1200 | Ref.: LP-TDAM5266 | Cemtech proposes various Cement Finishes for your Needs, adapted to your design and decor. From micro-ce...

Fluid wood stain INA HELIOTAN 5L
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE95 | An aqueous alkyd resin based surfactant incorporating nanoparticles. Microporous, water repellent, fungicidal, insecticidal, anti-UV and weather resistan...

Wood cement board- VIVABOARD
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE46 | Viva Board is a wood cement board or cement bonded particle board. It has unique smooth grey cement surface. Combining strenght and durability of ciment...

Waxing oil 2.5L HCE HELIOTAN
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE94 | Finishing product for the protection and decoration of parquet and interior carpentry.All wood and materials derived from interior wood (parquet floors,...

XYLOPHENE furniture and ancient objects treatment
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE86 | Triple Action + 25 years old.A preventive and curative product to treat interior furniture.XYLOPHENE Furniture and Antique Objects is ready to use and ac...

Pore filler - Fondur HELIOTAN FDE
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE90 | Undercoat before finishing for the protection and decoration of woodwork and parquets.Product ready for useEasy applicationAnti-yellowingAnti-stainsFast...

Heliotan professional
  • Port Louis

Ref.: LP-TDAM7758 | sealer LIFE For indoor High resistance to abrasion Washable and washable odorless Color natural satin 2.5L = 30 m cube