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VinylPro - Vinyl Flooring
  • Curepipe

Price starting from Rs. 1099 | Ref.: VinylPro | VinylPro is an innovative range of Vinyl flooring, manufactured from 70% recycled materials. VinylPro is a...

Cement Finishes
  • Curepipe

Price starting from Rs. 1200 | Ref.: LP-TDAM5266 | Cemtech proposes various Cement Finishes for your Needs, adapted to your design and decor. From micro-ce...

Coolwhite - Thermal insulating paint
  • Port Louis

Ref.: VF2015/10 - Coolkote | Coolwhite is an insulating thermal paint that reflects sunlight to refresh your home or office.Thinning: Not recommended Application: Appl...

ORTONA 36B Tiles

Ref.: TFORTONA36B | ORTONA 36B TilesDimensions : 30 x 60 cm Origin : Italy *Price is per square meter 

Fluid wood stain INA HELIOTAN 5L
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE95 | An aqueous alkyd resin based surfactant incorporating nanoparticles. Microporous, water repellent, fungicidal, insecticidal, anti-UV and weather resistan...

Wood treatment XYLO TOTAL M2000
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE91 | PREVENTIVE AND CURATIVE TREATMENTInsecticide, fungicide and anti-termite for interior and exterior wood. An insecticidal, fungicidal and anti-termite tre...

Heliotan professional
  • Port Louis

Ref.: LP-TDAM7758 | sealer LIFE For indoor High resistance to abrasion Washable and washable odorless Color natural satin 2.5L = 30 m cube

Waxing oil 2.5L HCE HELIOTAN
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE94 | Finishing product for the protection and decoration of parquet and interior carpentry.All wood and materials derived from interior wood (parquet floors,...

Wood stain with satin finish
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE88 | Durability of the wood stain: 10 yearsExceptional adhesionReinforced impregnationAnti-UV reflecting effect The HELIOTAN HES wood stain protects all exte...

wooden saturator 5L SBA HELIOTAN
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE96 | An oily finish for the maintenance, protection and decoration of the wood surface.All exotic hardwoods and / or wood treated by the Autoclaves process in...

XYLOPHENE furniture and ancient objects treatment
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE86 | Triple Action + 25 years old.A preventive and curative product to treat interior furniture.XYLOPHENE Furniture and Antique Objects is ready to use and ac...

Gloss Milk Marble & Natural Stones 2 in 1
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 3365000005903 | The gloss milk for marble and natural stones (travertine, stone and Burgundy, comblanchian, blue stone ...) applies 1 to 2 times per month to cle...

Tiles Village Cement
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: CETKERVECT002 | Tiles Village Cement Material : Ceramic Dimension : 1000 x 248 cm Price m² : Rs 1,178

Wax - Starwax
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 3365000000328 | Wax starwax for the floor.

Wax for floor - STARWAX
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 336500000540/557 | Suitable for modern furniture, parquet floors.

Stain resistant - Starwax
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 3365000005941 | Protection is effective against water, oil, vinegar and grease stains.

Dekora Natur 6 Wallpaper
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 4051315107362 | Dekora Natur 6 Wallpaper- Modern Stripes - Blue, Brown, White- Non woven wall coverings- Rollsize : 53cm x 10.05m

  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: CETNIRGCM001 | CEMENTUM WHITE - TilesDimensions : 600 x 600mm* Price m2 - Rs576Origin: Malaysia

Impermeable Wall Solution SIKA 2L
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 3240240014543 | Impermeable Wall Solution SIKA 2 L- Anti-mold and Anti-saltpeter. This solution will be ideal for indoor treatment of damp walls. It is odo...

  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: CETCOLBOOA001 | BOREAL OAK TilesDimension : 218 x 840 mmOrigin : Spain*Price m² : Rs 912