NEMESIS – The anti-termite trap system

Posted On: 09-03-2018 Listing Id: 8908078

On Quotation | Ref.: TT-nemesis | The anti-termite trap system whose insecticide is an insect growth regulator prevents the synthesis of chitin, the main component of the outer envelope of insects. Thus, when the termite moults, the new cuticle is not formed. Now, without this protective skin that also serves as a skeleton, the insect can not live. Acting only at certain stages of development, the product acts with a delayed effect which allows time to be widely diffused within the colony. The trap system is safe for humans, domestic animals and other invertebrates.

On the other hand, the insecticide, in its cellulosic formulation, is delivered only through sealed work stations. It is therefore, at no time, in contact with the inhabitant, the riverside, domestic animals …

With the trap system, the implementation of the insecticide is very targeted. It is only done through work stations actually attacked by termites. Thus, only the necessary quantity of product will be used and applied as it is consumed.

The insecticide is a molecule that is practically insoluble in water. Thus, even in the event of excessive water in a trap, the insecticide is not leached into the soil.

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