Posted On: 19-08-2017 Listing Id: 8273846

Price starting from Rs. 1997 | Ref.: Aquapool | A water based swimming pool paint available in white and blue with a low sheen finish. Aquapool has good adhesion to concrete, cement plaster and previously painted surfaces. It is resistant to water, alkali and pool chemicals. Aquapool forms a water-tight coating of low permability thus allowing transfer of water vapour and reducing the risk of blistering. It can be used in interior or exterior pools to add beauty and protect the substrate. Aquapool can be applied by brush, roller or spray onto a clean, dry and sound surface. Available in: 5L Go Green has spearheaded the move towards formulating quality products having the accrued benefit of being environmentally friendly. With the advent of GoGreen, Mauvilac takes up the commitment of keeping up with a sustainable development


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