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On Quotation | Ref.: KORDON | Termites Pre & Post construction

Termites are social insects that live in colonies of tens of thousands, or even millions of individuals. These pests feed on the wood’s cellulose devouring houses, buildings, or wooden furniture and are a real scourge. When the damage is apparent, it’s already too late, as this means that termites have been at work for several months already.

Hardy Henry Services Ltee is the exclusive distributor and accredited installer in Mauritius for Bayer France, one of the world’s largest life, science, research and development company. Backed by them, we enable our clients with construction projects to benefit from a revolutionary protection product for their buildings: KORDON termite barrier.

Construction projects to benefit from a revolutionary protection product for their buildings : KORDON termite barrier.

Your building is protected right from the construction process
KORDON is the combination of a physical and chemical barrier intended to prevent termites from entering the buildings. It’s composed of a synthetic fabric impregnated with a synthetic pyrethroid, deltamethrin, laminated between two polyethylene films. The polyethylene films are designed to limit any contact with the active substance for the applicator and the environment, and to prevent capillary rising.

This innovative solution is installed during the construction process and adapts to all types of construction while protecting the environment:

- Suitable for all types of construction: individual houses, houses with timber frame, hospitals and clinics, shopping centres, industrial buildings, schools.
- Barrier against capillary rising.
- Limited risk for the environment: impregnated fabric laminated and secured between two polyethylene films.


Safety Tips: Your safety is important to us.