Treatment against birds - BirdSeal

Posted On: 05-08-2017 Listing Id: 8222425

On Quotation | Ref.: BirdSeal | Birds like pigeons, sparrows and rusty blackbirds are generally not considered as pests, but these birds are really annoying and are known as being destructive in many countries. Their faeces dirty and spoil buildings, their mess is corrosive and causes severe structural damages. These birds are associated with several human diseases and create shelters for secondary devastating pests like ticks, mites, bugs, lice, worms, flies, beetles and wood worms and Deathwatch, that can easy spread in the human habitation.

In food transformation establishment, birds can cause severe contamination problems, whether by direct or indirect damages, through their mess and feather excretions, etc… Since the human habitation, the structures offer an ideal rest and nesting sites for the birds, the examination measures (created to prevent the trespass, rejecting landing or resting areas), like peaks, nets and wires, are a profitable way to overcome these flying pests.
Alpha Pest Management is proud to be the exclusive supplier of this system in Mauritius. We are happy to inform you that we are the only anti-parasite management company in Mauritius equipped and trained to perform our BirdPro services with reminder technique (Rope Access), that saves time and decrease the expenses for scaffolding and/or other access systems.


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