Alpha Group offre une palette élargie de prestations gérées de manière indépendante par : Alpha Cleaning (le nettoyage et l'entretien des bàtiments), Alpha Hygiene (le service d'hygiène), Alpha Contracting (la maintenance et la construction) et Alpha Pest Management (la lutte contre les pestes). Avec une panoplie de services, Alpha Group se positionne désormais en un one-stop shop pour le multi -service.

Gamme de services :
- Nettoyage journalier
- Nettoyage spécialisé
- Produits et services d'Hygiène
- Gestion de pestes
- Service de maintenance



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Treatment against insects - Pest Seal
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Pest Seal | Alpha Pest Management Pest Seal Service is specially designed to fight common home pests like cockroaches, ants and silve...

Lizard trap
  • Port Louis

Ref.: EN-167 | A reliable, poison-free solution to sticky pest control problems. Weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use. 2 Sets (contains 4 traps) Ready to...

Air pot Sanford
  • Port Louis

Ref.: SF1610AVF | Air pot Sanford Capacity: 1.9 L Unbreakable shell

Fan Heater
  • Port Louis

Ref.: n75 | Feel at home!

Electric clothes warmer
  • Port Louis

Ref.: EV120 | Allow you to save valuable drying time also saving space!  

Panel Heater SALTON
  • Port Louis

Ref.: SPH55 | Convenient on/off switch. Wall-mounted, with drill guides. Aesthetically pleasing. Uses minimal space. Low wattage-economical. Safe for pets and chi...

Steam Dynamo Cleaner
  • Port Louis

Ref.: steam-dynamo | Powerfully and effortlessly cuts through grease, dirt, mould and stains. 1.5 litre water tank 2.5m hose 45 minutes from 1 tank 11 accessories...

Cordless Duster Buffer Cha-cha 2
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Buffer/Duster | The Ewbank Cha-Cha 2 duster and buffer is ideal for all homes, it is suitable for cleaning, dusting & buffing floors and other hard surfaces...

Floor Polisher & Vac 4 in 1
  • Port Louis

Ref.: EPV1100UKR | The Ewbank floor polishing machine with vacuum works just like a commercial floor polisher, complete with a telescopic butterfly handle that can be...

Garbage bags 50 x 50 cm
  • Port Louis

Ref.: COBBAGSKUL010000 | Garbage bags in polythene Extra strong and leak proof 25 pcs Dims: 50 x 50 cm

Retractable clothesline
  • Port Louis

Ref.: VFS16/03 Alpha Group | Retractable clotheslineColour : Stainless steel with chrome finishMaterial : Stainless Steel 

Wet and dry vacuum - Typhoon 322
  • Port Louis

Ref.: HEVACUMKLEN10000 | A highly versatile multi-purpose cleaner. Small but functional and it's compact size allows you the mobility to pick up dirt and liquids from...

Zest 2 In 1 Cordless Vacuum
  • Port Louis

Ref.: zest-2-in-1 | Zest 2 in 1 vacuum, crevice tool with brush, small swivel head upholstery brush, 2x extension tubes, tool adaptor, hair removal tool, charging base...

Garbage bags 90 x 90 cm
  • Port Louis

Ref.: COBBAGSKUL010004 | Garbage bags in polythene Extra strong and leak proof 25 pcs Dims: 90 x 90 cm

Eco-Friendly Waste Bin - 660L
  • Port Louis

Ref.: VF2015/10 - Alpha Group | Eco-Friendly Waste Bin - 660LPlastic waste bin on wheels.Dimensions :1 260 x 910 x 770mm

Stainless steel Pedal Bin
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 350 | Ref.: LP-TDCB9418 | Stainless steel pedal bin with inner plastic. Capacity 3lts - 5lts - 12lts - 20lts

Control of the parasites of the house - Pest Seal
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: pest seal | Pest Seal service is recommended for the control of cockroaches and other house pests like bed bugs, red and black ants an...

Maintenance and cleaning of gardens
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Alp-grp-jardin | We propose services in terms of garden maintenance or punctuqal cleaning deliveries. Our deliveries include lawn...

Pedal Bin 12L
  • Port Louis

Ref.: AG84 | Pedal Bin Color : White Capacity : 12L

Window Cleaning Kit
  • Port Louis

Ref.: kit-window | Simplify the job of cleaning windows and cut down on window cleaners’ bills with this professional window cleaning kit. Ideal for use inside or out...

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