Cemtech est une compagnie spécialisée dans la finition de ciment et de l'étanchéité en béton à  l'ile Maurice. Nous offrons les finitions de ciment pour les murs, les planchers et les articles de décoration.Nous offrons une large gamme de couleurs pour satisfaire tous vos besoins.


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Cement tiles
  • Curepipe

Price starting from Rs. 1705 | Ref.: Secoin | Cemtech has partnered with Secoin Tiles, the world's leading manufacturer of cement tiles, to offer you the b...

Polished Concrete - PolishCrete
  • Curepipe

Price starting from Rs. 2185 | Ref.: CE01 | PolishCrete is a thin decorative cement-based system that is designed to be polished to a glossy, hard wearing...

Premium vinyl flooring VINYLPRO
  • Curepipe

Price starting from Rs. 934 | Ref.: vinylpro | VinylPro gives you a premium vinyl floor that is incredibly long-lasting, easy to maintain, cost effective a...

Renodeck - Pool Deck Overlay
  • Curepipe

Indicative Price | Ref.: LP-TDEX10017 | Discover Renodeck Overlay System: a Polymer based cement, sprayed onto an existing concrete/cement surface to renov...

Wall finishes CRETECOTE
  • Curepipe

On Quotation | Ref.: cretecote-wall | A 1-2mm polymer based decorative cement coating, applicable on numerous types of supports (i.e wood, concrete, tiles,...

Concrete Finishes CRETECOTE
  • Curepipe

On Quotation | Ref.: cretecote | Cemtech proposes various Cement Finishes for your Needs, adapted to your design and decor. From micro-cement (1 to 2mm) to...

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