C.K. Tang & Co représente la marque BLUM et propose une large gamme de produits:
- Système de charnières
- Systèmes de portes relevables
- Systèmes coulissants
- Systèmes d'aménagement intérieur


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Custom-made Dressings, Closets
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: CKT02 | Custom-made Dressings, Closets, Shelves.

Glass Guardrail/Balustrade
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: CKT05 | Choose a timeless, easy-to-maintain security solution: choose a glass railing or a balustrade in your favorite style. C.K.TANG...

Blum fittings
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: ck01 | Blum fittings- Hinge systems- Hinged door systems- Sliding systems Blum is a company specialized in the manufacture of fun...

Nacre Mosaic
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: CKT04 | C.K.TANG offers you a range of mosaics with natural and shimmering reflections that will bring an iridescent and refined brigh...

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