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Bitumen Primer
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 130 | Ref.: PW08 | Bitumen primer is suitable for sealing and priming porous and non-porous surfaces. Used on concrete, metal and t...

SBS Membrane - BASEFLEX 3kg E/E
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW010 | 1st layer SBS MembraneDimensions of the packet: 1 mx 10 m

Sealing membrane SBS - BITUFLEX F 1.7mm E/E
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW013 | Sealing membrane SBS 1st layer.Package dimensions: 1m x 20m 

Sealing membrane BITUFLEX for garden 3mm / 4mm
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1850 | Ref.: PW0114 | BITUFLEX for garden 3mm: Rs 1850BITUFLEX for garden 4mm: Rs 2100Package dimensions: 1m x 10m

Hot melt oxidized bitumen 115/15
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW09 | Oxidized bitumen exhibits “solid” characteristics at ambient temperatures and provides superior adhesion. Available: 25 kg - 30 kg

Wall protection SIPLAST FONDA+
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW021 | Protection board to primary membranes on external basement walls and other foundations structures, as drainage or protection of waterproofing membranes....

SBS Membrane
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1200 | Ref.: PW011 | 2nd layer SBS MembraneBitumgum F 3.25 kg - White: Rs 1270Bitumgum F 3.25 kg - Gray: Rs 1200Bituflex F 4 kg - W...

DEN BRAVEN Hybrifix 611 sealant
  • Port Louis

Ref.: HYBRIFIX611 | Sealant for all connection joints, cracks, roughness in building and industry constructions. Available: 300ml

X'traseal fast set 5 min epoxy clear
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PT87 | A fast setting, non shrinking clear epoxy adhesive. This industrial strength product is excellent for bonding metal and for filling defects in metal, wood...

Bayferrox coloured cement
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 178 | Ref.: Bayferrox | Coloured cements available in Red, Yellow (920 & 960), Brown, Black, White and Green. Permanent lightf...

Gun and refill sealant
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 988 | Ref.: LP-TDCO8822 | Gun and refill sealant Available in 400 ml: 2100 Rs et 600 mls: 2500 Rs

Tal grout for wall and floor
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 63 | Ref.: LP-TDCO8986 | Tal grout for wall and floor, white and coloured Joints up to 8 mm. Available in 1 kg, 5 kgs, and 20 kg.

Bostik GB480
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1075 | Ref.: GB480 | Bostik 480 is a multi-purpose contact adhesive of high viscosity. It exhibits good flow and brushability chara...

Pekay Betofill Crackfiller
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Betofill | Pekay Betofill Crackfiller suitable for filling all cracks in walls and floors up to 8 mm. Designed to prevent moisture penetration and prevent the gr...

Membranes Géotextiles Fibertex
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 23 | Ref.: fibertexf10-f1200 | Fibertex Geotextiles are used in various applications, particularly in the construction and developm...

X'traseal Wood Filler
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PT84 | Ready-mixed, high performance water-based filler that give a tough and smooth sandable surface after dried, it can be stained, varnished, painted and act...

X'traseal PS-200 PVC Solvent
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 58 | Ref.: PS-200 | Clear color solvent based adhesive for pvc articles bonding applications. It is easy to apply, fast setting and...

X’traseal S-A3 silicone sealant
  • Port Louis

Ref.: LP-TDCO8151 | X’traseal S-A3 silicone sealant is one part sealant that offers excellent adhesion, weatherability and elasticity for general glazing and for seali...

x'traseal Epoxy Putty Stick
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PT01 | X'traseal Epoxy Putty Stick is a hand kneadable, two part, co-extruded, fast curing epoxy putty, specially prepared to work on diverse materials. It is ea...

Tal keycoat
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 155 | Ref.: LP-TDCO8983 | Tal keycoat is a styrene/butadiene copolymer latex which has been specifically designed as a latex admixt...