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Tiles Glue Tal Mosaicfix
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Mosaicfix | White tile adhesive

Wall protection SIPLAST FONDA+
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW021 | Protection board to primary membranes on external basement walls and other foundations structures, as drainage or protection of waterproofing membranes....

Sealing membrane BITUFLEX for garden 3mm / 4mm
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 2128 | Ref.: Bitugum-Bituflex garden | BITUFLEX garden 3mm BITUFLEX garden 4mm BITUFLEX P 3mm E/E BITUGUM P 4mm E/E Packa...

Pekay Polyurethane
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1380 | Ref.: A663 | Pekay Polyurethane A663 Polyurethane glue for parquet and polystyrene. Available in 5Kg and 35Kg

Pekay Wood Block
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 644 | Ref.: W598 | Water-based parquet adhesive for wet concrete. Available in 5Kg and 25Kg

Synthetic latex Jaycocrete Super
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 207 | Ref.: Jaycocrete Super | Synthetic latex for concrete and sealing Available in 1Lt, 5Lt and 30Lt

Tiles Glue Tal Professional
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 276 | Ref.: C2 | Tile glue 20kg

Pekay Grippon
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 437 | Ref.: Grippon | Primer for plaster (rhinolite) Available in 5Kg and 20Kg

Hotmelt Glue Stick
  • Port Louis

Ref.: HM73 | Hotmelt Glue Stick 33 sticks (1Kg)

Den Braven Zinc Aluminium Spray
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Zinc Aluminium Spray | Galva cold for the glavanistion of metal spray. 400ml

Tiles Glue Tal Porcelainfix
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Porcelainfix | Tile glue

Tiles Glue Tal Marblefix
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Marblefix | White tile adhesive

Alucobond ACP
  • New
  • Port Louis

Available in glossy white, red, black mirror. Shining grey, brush silver. Dimensions: 8X4 feet Thickness: 3mm, 4mm

SBS Membrane - BASEFLEX 3kg E/E
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW010 | 1st layer SBS Membrane Dimensions of the packet: 1 mx 10 m

Sealing membrane SBS - BITUFLEX F 1.7mm E/E
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW013 | Sealing membrane SBS 1st layer.Package dimensions: 1m x 20m 

Hot melt oxidized bitumen 115/15
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PW09 | Oxidized bitumen exhibits “solid” characteristics at ambient temperatures and provides superior adhesion. Available: 25 kg - 30 kg

SBS Membrane - 2nd layer
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1380 | Ref.: PW011 | 2nd layer SBS Membrane Bitumgum F 3.25 kg - White : Rs 1270 + VAT Bitumgum F 3.25 kg - Grey : Rs 1200 + VA...

Bitumen Primer
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 656 | Ref.: PW08 | Bitumen primer is suitable for sealing and priming porous and non-porous surfaces. Used on concrete, metal and t...

DEN BRAVEN Hybrifix 611 sealant
  • Port Louis

Ref.: HYBRIFIX611 | Sealant for all connection joints, cracks, roughness in building and industry constructions. Available: 300ml

X'traseal fast set 5 min epoxy clear
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PT87 | A fast setting, non shrinking clear epoxy adhesive. This industrial strength product is excellent for bonding metal and for filling defects in metal, wood...