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Safety grid AluGlide - 1000 x 2150 mm
  • Port Louis

Ref.: VF/SDM04/04 - Xpanda | Safety grid AluGlide Dimension : 1000 x 2150 mm 

Molding plinth
  • Port Louis

Ref.: VFS21/01 - Interior Solutions | Plinth Moldings Easy to install and durable that offers resistance to moisture and termites.It will not swell, will not rot, will...

Air Conditioner with Inverter Ocean ACSIH18
  • Port Louis

Ref.: ACSIH18 | Specifications Inverter equipped A++ 18000BTU

  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 3491953152460 | This paint brush will be very practical for a uniform application on large surfaces. Dim: 3 ".

Waterproofing Terracrete
  • Terre Rouge

Price starting from Rs. 1530 | Ref.: Terracrete | Liquid-applied two pack waterproof coating. Recommended for wet rooms, walls & floors, roofs and gene...

Mauvilith acrylic mat paint
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 301 | Ref.: Mauvilith | Mauvilith is an alkali resistant, high quality solvent soluble acrylic paint for cement based, concrete and...

Sealing membrane BITUFLEX for garden 3mm / 4mm
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 2128 | Ref.: Bitugum-Bituflex garden | BITUFLEX garden 3mm BITUFLEX garden 4mm BITUFLEX P 3mm E/E BITUGUM P 4mm E/E Packa...

Glue / Adesives-Profix
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Profix | PROFIX is a cement based polymer modified mortar and adhesive, ready for use by simple addition of water. It is suitable for thin set walls and thick se...

Electrical outlet with switches
  • Port Louis

Indicative Price | Ref.: K63747CHA | Electrical outlet with switches Color : Charcoal

Polyurethane baseboards
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: FD1 | The WALLSTYL baseboards are at first a logical and indispensable complement to cornices and railings.It also provides a neat junction between the wall and...

  • Port Louis

Ref.: Diana Beige/Kedari beige/Elegance beige | Porcelain tile with marble effect. Dimensions: 60 x 120 cm

X'traseal Threadlocker Red 50ml
  • Port Louis

Ref.: PT121 | Designed for the sealing & locking of threaded fasteners. The product is a single component anaerobic, medium to high strength thixotropic, acrylic b...


Ref.: TWSALELVESCREMA | ELVES CREMA TilesDimension : 20 x 60 cmColor : Cream* Price per square meter

Window Cleaning Kit
  • Port Louis

Ref.: kit-window | Simplify the job of cleaning windows and cut down on window cleaners’ bills with this professional window cleaning kit. Ideal for use inside or out...

Quotes Tiles
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Quotes | Joonas presents to you these tiles with quotes that will bring a touch of modernity to your home. Sold in box of 25 pieces. Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm...

SBS Membrane - 2nd layer
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1380 | Ref.: PW011 | 2nd layer SBS Membrane Bitumgum F 3.25 kg - White : Rs 1270 + VAT Bitumgum F 3.25 kg - Grey : Rs 1200 + VA...

Cement Finishes
  • Curepipe

Price starting from Rs. 1200 | Ref.: LP-TDAM5266 | Cemtech proposes various Cement Finishes for your Needs, adapted to your design and decor. From micro-ce...

Polyurethane baseboards
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: FD2 | The baseboard has multiple advantages, it is at first a logical and indispensable complement to the cornices and the rails.It also provides a neat connecti...

Micro Waste Water Treatment Plant

Price starting from Rs. 150000 | Ref.: albx 1 | Go Green & Recycle your Water! Discover our range of Micro Waste Water Treatment plants and clean your...

Electrical outlet with switches
  • Port Louis

Ref.: E2747 WHI | Electrical outlet with switches13 A - 2GSerie: Ecore