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Henry the Hedgehog solar garden light
  • Port Louis

Ref.: SLHH | Made of solid resin and featuring two white LED lights. Also includes a Ni-MH 600mAh 1.2V rechargeable battery. Height: 32cm Width: 24cm Diameter: 24cm

Giant solar light house
  • Port Louis

Ref.: SLGLIGHT | Giant decorative British Lighthouse solar light. Made of high quality durable resin. Featuring one bright white, rotating LED bulb.

Buddha head
  • Grand Baie

Ref.: YIU42 | Buddha head Bring a touch of zen in your interior with this statuette Buddha head. Height : 15 cm

Baby Buddha statue
  • Grand Baie

Ref.: YIU36 | Baby Buddha statue Opt for an original and zen touch in your interior or exterior with this baby statuette Buddha praying. Height : 50 cm

Dewi Statue
  • Grand Baie

Ref.: YIU32 | Dewi Statue Bring charm to your interior or exterior with this sublime statue Dewi making an offering. Height : 25 cm

Buddha Statuette
  • Grand Baie

Ref.: YIU31 | Buddha Statuette Magnificent Buddha statuette that will offer charm in your interior or exterior. Height : 13 cm

OASE- Bio-water Care
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0073596 | This product activates the water in the basin with bacteria and guarantees you a crystal clear water. Suitable for basins up to 10 m³ max. Capaci...

PONDO COMPACT Water jet pump
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0073600 | - Indoor use (cable 1.5m) and outdoor use (cable 10m) - Flow adjustment - Compact design - Hose connection supplied Ref: 0073600

OASE Filtral UVC2500
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: Ref: 0073593 | Totally invisible, this Oase filter pump is installed under the water and offers you 3 water jets options which guarantees you a clear water. -...

PONTEC Water jet pump
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0073602 | Easy to use, this pump will allow you to have beautiful water jet. It can be used both indoors or outdoors. Dimension: L 170 x H 120 x 75 mm R...

OASE Filter starter Biokick
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0073595 | Wakes up the biology in the filter in the spring or for a new start Detoxification of nitrite, ammonium, and ammonia starts immediately Also recommen...

Ganesh Sandstone
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0077978 | Ganesh Sandstone for your garden. Dimensions: 21 x 12 x h30 cm

Buddha fountain
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 106412DEAC | Buddha fountainMaterial : Stone Height : 100 cm 

Ganesh statuette
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 106395DEAC | Ganesh statuetteMaterial : Stone Color : WhiteHeight : 80 cm 

Bouddha statuette
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 106400DEAC | Bouddha statuetteMaterial : StoneHauteur : 100 cm 

Ganesh Statuette
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 106394DEAC | Ganesh Statuette Material : StoneHeight : 50 cm 

Stone fountain
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 106411DEAC | Beautiful fountain made of stone.

  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 104351STAT | Ganesha Statut in stone.Height: 60 cm 

Fountain in sandstone
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 103802DEAC | Beautiful garden fountain type bird bath in sandstone.

Relaxing buddha
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: 106413DEAC | Stone relaxing buddha