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Peppa Pig tumbler

Ref.: 005171 | Peppa Pig tumbler for your child. Height: +/- 10 cm Diameter: +/- 6.5 cm Capacity: 220 ml

Minnie Microwave Bowl

Ref.: 5506 | Minnie Microwave Bowl for your child.

Cup - Pyjamasques

Ref.: 005562 | Capacity: 220 ml!

Table mat - Vaiana

Ref.: 005434 | Table mat - Vaiana Dimensions: 43 x 30 cm

Combo Set - Minions

Ref.: 005084 | Set consisting of: 1 plate and 1 bowl in microwavable PP and 1 glass 220ml in PP.

Peppa Pig Microwave Plate

Ref.: 005172 | Peppa Pig Microwave Plate for your child.

Peppa Pig mug

Ref.: 005174 | This mug is printed with an image of the popular series Peppa Pig . This cheerful mug makes drinking a real party! specifications: Color : blue Gen...

Microwave Bowl - Pyjamasques

Ref.: 005560 | Microwave Bowl - Pyjamasques Diameter: +/- 16 cm

Cars - Table mat

Ref.: 005317 | Cars table mat for your child's happiness. Dimensions: H.29 cm/43 cm wide

Party set - Minions

Ref.: 005219 | This set contains 6 glasses 250 ml, 6 plates Ø 20 cm, 6 bowls Ø 13 cm, 6 spoons and 6 forks perfectly adapted to children.

Microwave Bowl - Peppa Pig

Ref.: 005173 | Peppa Pig Microwave Bowl for your child.

Micro-wave Plate - Pyjamasques

Ref.: 005561 | Your child will be happy to find his favorite heroes: Gluglu, Yoyo and Bibou!

Melamine Set with Princesses

Ref.: 734295 | Beautiful bowl of melamine princesses - Disney Princess 1 plate 24 cm - 1 bowl - 1 cup - spoon + fork

Snug snack Boon

Ref.: B11026 | Turn any small regular container into a snack-free snack with Boon's Snug Snack! Silicone, with a slot BPA free, PVC free, Phthalate free Packa...

Pulp Silicone Feeder Boon

Ref.: B11177 / 78 / 79 | This pacifier with its silicone tip allows the child to discover new flavors by avoiding any risk of swallowing large pieces. It is also us...

Formula container Tripod Boon

Ref.: B11215 | Is it possible to make a bottle without doing any damage? The large TRIPOD twist cap allows for easy filling and the three narrow tabs fit perfectly...

Baby food dispensing spoon Squirt

Ref.: B10122 /123 /125 | The Squirt Food Dispenser Spoon is ideal for children's first meals with an innovative rounded handle. Convenient, we just need the press t...

Snug Snack Boon

Ref.: B11125 | Snacks just might be the best invention ever—until an exuberant toddler flings a humongous container of them skyward. But thanks to Snug Snack it will n...

Inside Scoop Suction Bowl TFY

Ref.: Y6184A5  | Feed your kid with ease with the help of this suction scoop bowl designed to definitely simplify your task. The sloping base slides the food on the...

Double Electronic Breast Pump TFY

Ref.: Y6228ASN | Quick, efficient and capable of multitasking – Just like you! The Quiet Expressions Double Electric Breast Pump is super quiet for discreet pumping w...