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Slide for kitchen drawer

Price starting from Rs. 390 | Ref.: 7031301/7031351/7031401/7031451/7031501 | Slide for kitchen drawer.

Single lifter

Price starting from Rs. 3775 | Ref.: 4046001/4049001 | Quality : Passes the European Standard GS30000. Dimensions: 564 x 280 x 380 mm: Rs 3775 864 x...


Ref.: 1010001/1010002 | QUALITY : Frame is made of high-quality steel, surface treatment process for European standard environmental DESIGN : The integrative panel...

Hinges for sideboard

Ref.: 8031001/8011001 | Fixed mounted two-section force buffering hinge.

Hammerfix Fischer
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

On Quotation | Ref.: JBC26 | Thanks to a judicious inside and outside profile, coupled with high quality material and special nail geometry, the Fischer na...

Fixing technology
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

On Quotation | Ref.: LP-TDCO10392 | Fixing technology - fischer is the only company with its own development and production facilities in all relevant area...

Iron self-drilling plug
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: IS 63 | The self-drilling metal anchors allow the fixing of frames, lamps, skirting boards, key boxes.

Expansion anchor: the anchor Molly
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: IS 57 | Fixing a heavy object (painting or other) in a wall of plaster (or placo), it is use of the anchor expansion: the anchor molly...

Drywall screws
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: IS22 | Drywall screws 25mm sold in a box of a thousand

Self-drilling plug
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: IS 62 | Thanks to their nylon composition, the self-drilling plug allow to screw directly into your wall in placo.They are ideal for s...

Brandering Joiner
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: IS 67 | Metallic profile for attachment or extension of metallic furrings

Adjustable hanger
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: IS 64 | The lines are used as primary hangers of the framework. Metal rod adjustable in height, specific for the attachment of the met...

Drilling screw
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: IS 58 | The drilling screw also called self-drilling screwIt is used in the assembly (frames) of false ceilingsAvailable in boxes of 1...

Drywall Anchor
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: IS 59 | Hitting ankleFor fast fixing of angle brackets and wall rails, quick hammer mounting.The hitting ankle are in a box of 100.

Blum Fittings
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: ck01 | Blum is a company specialized in the manufacture of functional furniture fittings. The opening and closing of furniture becomes...