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Rock/sand/marblex/fibre glass flower pots
  • Grand Baie

Price starting from Rs. 2900 | Ref.: COM002 | Flower pots with different sizes/shape/material. Come and discover them on our facebook or directly at the wo...

Barbecue Accessory 5 In 1

Ref.: CL36-11-020 | Grill as a pro with this 5 in 1 BBQ accessory.

Protection lid for Plancha Simplicity 3 burners VERYCOOK
  • Moka

Ref.: COUVERCLESIMPLICITY3 | Protection lid for Plancha Simplicity 3 burners VERYCOOK This protection lid for Simplicity plancha grills has many advantages: - This...

Combined sharpening tool STOCKER

Ref.: S-9080 | Practical combined knife sharpener: With stainless steel sharpening insert on one side and ceramic pull-off insert on the other side. Suitable for al...

Universal Garden Shears STOCKER

Ref.: S-371 | Universal bypass garden shears for smaller hands. Perfect for all types of cutting in the hobby garden. - Length: 20 cm - Weight: 172 g

Handsaw Zyklon STOCKER

Ref.: S-1419 | Ideal for all types of pruning work. The non-slip handle covered with TPA guarantees a good grip, while the slight curving of the saw blade ensures a...

Bypass Garden Shears STOCKER

Ref.: S-362 | These high-quality garden shears are a real lightweight and are very comfortable to hold due to the ergonomically shaped handles. The sharp blades guaran...

Grafting knife STOCKER

Ref.: S-779 | Practical budding knife for grafting, gardening and plant care. - Small and handy - With stainless steel blade - Plastic handle - Foldable - Blade...

Working-gardening gloves STOCKER

Ref.: S-23085 | The palms made of synthetic leather guarantee excellent protection from blisters. Size: 9/M Colour: olive green

Gardening Gloves for man STOCKER

Ref.: S-23033 | Robust and comfortable gloves for gardening. The palm areas made of polyurethane provide a good hold. With a water-repellent function that lets the wa...

Bamboo Fibre Gloves STOCKER

Price starting from Rs. 135 | Ref.: S-21020 / S-21021 / S-21022 | The breathable gloves made of bamboo fibre have an anti-perspiration function and keep yo...

Long Handled Shears STOCKER

Ref.: S-507 | Super light long bypass pruning shears made of aluminium with a Teflon-coated blade. Ideal for cutting high branches with little effort and without a lad...

Compost Bin Termoquick STOCKER

Ref.: S4902 | Turn your garden and kitchen waste into organic fertiliser. - Quick composting due to optimal ventilation - Thick, heat-absorbing walls - Large comp...

Gardening Gloves for woman STOCKER

Ref.: S-23022 | Comfortable polyester garden gloves with nitrile-coated palm areas. The nitrile coating guarantees dry hands. The gloves are breathable and provide goo...

Polyethylen Flexi Tub STOCKER

Price starting from Rs. 280 | Ref.: S-4910 / S-4911 / S-4912 | Practical polyethylene bucket for the garden and the house. - UV resistant Available i...

Flower Trowel STOCKER

Ref.: S-2002 | Hand trowel for small gardening jobs. - Made of steel and coated with black lacquer - Robust plastic handle Length: 33 cm Weight: 240 gHand trow...

Garden Knife
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6001844021750 | Cane Knife Short Hook Wood

  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6091242010036 | Pickhead - 3 Kg

Round Peat Pots 8 cm STOCKER

Ref.: S-9631 | Round peat pots for optimal growth of young plants.-- Micronutrients guarantee rapid growth - Plant out plants together with pot - 12 individual peat po...

Fork for garden
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6001844001004 | Fork for garden which will be useful.