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Table Vacuum LADYBUG

Ref.: LCL25AMC | Original and fun, this vacuum ladybug table will attract the sympathy of the whole family. Friand of the least crumb, a clever accessory that you will...

Cordless Duster Buffer Cha-cha 2
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Buffer/Duster | The Ewbank Cha-Cha 2 duster and buffer is ideal for all homes, it is suitable for cleaning, dusting & buffing floors and other hard surfaces...

MOULINEX Vacuum Cleaner
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: MO5396 | MOULINEX Vacuum Cleaner Brand : MOULINEX

Floor Polisher & Vac 4 in 1
  • Port Louis

Ref.: EPV1100UKR | The Ewbank floor polishing machine with vacuum works just like a commercial floor polisher, complete with a telescopic butterfly handle that can be...

Garbage bags 50 x 50 cm
  • Port Louis

Ref.: COBBAGSKUL010000 | Garbage bags in polythene Extra strong and leak proof 25 pcs Dims: 50 x 50 cm

FARTOOLS water and dust vacuum cleaner
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0080628 | REF: 0080628FARTOOLS water and dust vacuum cleaner20L - 1250W - DEP 16 KPA

Shampooer vacuum cleaner
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0080628 | REF : 0080628 Shampooer vacuum cleaner water and dust 20L 1250W DEP 16 KPA

Wet and dry vacuum - Typhoon 322
  • Port Louis

Ref.: HEVACUMKLEN10000 | A highly versatile multi-purpose cleaner. Small but functional and it's compact size allows you the mobility to pick up dirt and liquids from...

Sewing machine TOYOTA
  • Port Louis

Ref.: SPF17 UA | Sewing machine TOYOTA Power : 65W Electric sewing machine 17 built-in stitches

Zest 2 In 1 Cordless Vacuum
  • Port Louis

Ref.: zest-2-in-1 | Zest 2 in 1 vacuum, crevice tool with brush, small swivel head upholstery brush, 2x extension tubes, tool adaptor, hair removal tool, charging base...

Garbage bags 90 x 90 cm
  • Port Louis

Ref.: COBBAGSKUL010004 | Garbage bags in polythene Extra strong and leak proof 25 pcs Dims: 90 x 90 cm

VAX Steam cleaner
  • Terre Rouge

Ref.: S4 | VAX Steam cleaner Works on steam alone 7 piece accessory kit Adjustable steam pressure Warranty: 12 months

Cleaning vinegar BRIOCHIN

Ref.: BRI74 | Specifications - Specially designed for the maintenance of your home. - Descaling, degreasing and detaching the supports, objects and parts of your d...


Ref.: BRI90 | Description - 99% natural multi-purpose cleaner. - Composed of Breton kaolin - Cleans, degreases, scales, polishes and shines all surfaces, all supp...

KARCHER Hard floor cleaner FC 5 Premium
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 11030056 | KARCHER Hard floor cleaner FC 5 Premium Power: 460 W Capacity: 0.4 L 2 in 1: Floor cleaner mop & suction wet and dry in just one step...

Citric acid Briochin

Ref.: BRI175 | Citric acid Briochin - 10 lemons - A real multi-purpose household product, to be used throughout the house! - Fine 100% natural white powder wi...


Ref.: BRI95 | Can be used: In the kitchen : stainless steel sink, oven interior, refrigerator. In the bathroom: sink, bathtub, taps, tiled surfaces, ceramic. On t...


Ref.: BRI67 | Specifications - A texture gel that allows a great adhesion to the supports. - A 100% natural perfume with chrophyll

Liquid dish and hand wash BRIOCHIN

Ref.: BRI91 | Specifications - Concentrate of ingredients of vegetable natural origin and of black soap. - Ultra practical and economical. - Formulated under derm...

Household vinegar BRIOCHIN

Ref.: BRI178 | Description - Perfume 100% natural with fruits of the woods. - Descaling, degreasing and detaching the supports, objects and parts of your daily lif...