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Pendant lamp MIB 6
  • Moka

Ref.: 71679901/71679903 | The minimalist MIB series is steeped in Nordic elegance and boasts excellent usability. MIB 6 invites you to put the spotlight on life. The m...

Pendant lamp Karma 14
  • Moka

Ref.: 78333012 | KARMA provides possibilities to play with creativity. The lamp consists of a beautiful finial, crafted from FSC certified oiled walnut, with a shade i...

Wall lamp Karma 14
  • Moka

Ref.: 78321047 | Wall light Karma 14 Voltage: 230V Plug type: E14 Watt max: 23W IP degree: IP20 Height (cm): 24 Depth (cm): 14 Shade diameter (cm): 14 Length...

Ceilling lamp La Luna
  • Moka

Ref.: 45306001 | The full moon and its reflected light inspired not only poets and painters to poetry and imagery, but also the designer behind the La Luna to this par...

Ceilling La luna
  • Moka

Ref.: 45316001 | Specifications Voltage: 230V IP degree: IP20 Shade diameter (cm): 60 Projection (cm): 5.3

Wall lamp Marina
  • Moka

Ref.: 62329903/62329933 | The MARINA lamp has a small and simple look – but there’s no mistaking its effect. It lends itself particularly well to lighting the mirror a...

Pendant lamp Reykjavik 12
  • Moka

Ref.: 45153001 | A trip to Iceland materialised into this beautifully simple porcelain pendant light with lots of Nordic attitude. The grooved surface, which lends Rey...

Pendant lamp Motion 50
  • Moka

Ref.: 78313001 | MOTION is elegant and stylish in its design. The lamp has a light appearance, as the small shades appear to “float” on the acrylic frame. The pendant...

Wall light PATTON
  • Moka

Ref.: 84471001/84471003 | The dimmer is quite deliberately made visible with fluted and raw details. The shade can be rotated 360 degrees, so it can project light in a...

Wall light Nexus 10
  • Moka

Ref.: 77271033 | NEXUS is an exciting series that epitomises Nordic cool. The details tell the story of a lamp with an opulent design, for example, the toggle switch i...

Outdoor wall light HUNT 26
  • Moka

Ref.: 45461001/45461003/45461029 | Outdoor wall light Voltage: 230V IP degree: IP44. Height (cm): 26 Depth (cm): 26 Projection (cm): 5.8 Colors: White, black...

Pendant NEXUS 20
  • Moka

Ref.: 77243032 | NEXUS is an exciting series that epitomises Nordic cool. The details tell the story of an elegantly designed lamp, for example, the pendant’s invisibl...

Wall light Nexus 10
  • Moka

Ref.: 77271032 | NEXUS is an exciting series that epitomises Nordic cool. The details tell the story of a lamp with an opulent design, for example, the toggle switch i...

Lantern Decoris

Ref.: 865052 | Lantern Decoris The Decoris lantern for glass & metal candles is the deco object par excellence. Dimension: Diameter 14 x 20.5 cm

Wall lamp
  • Moka

Ref.: 45451001/45451003/45451029 | References to both lunar and solar eclipses, or perhaps endless, starry nights, are obvious when light streams from the Hunt wall li...

Wall lamp Front 36- NORDLUX
  • Moka

Ref.: 84091001/84091003 | FRONT is designed for the classical mansion as well as the modern home.  The fixture is manufactured in cast aluminium, which supports the si...

Pendant Lamp Float 39 - NORDLUX
  • Moka

Price starting from Rs. 4461 | Ref.: 78223030/78223032 | FLOAT is a family that stands together without being inseparable. Lines, shapes, and surfaces are...

Suspension Karma
  • Moka

Ref.: Karma | KARMA is a beautiful ceiling pendant light crafted from oiled walnut, with a black textile cable and E27 socket, which can be hung alone with a beautiful...

Pendant lamp LD 240
  • Moka

Ref.: LD 240 | The LD240 ceiling pendant light is elegant and classic in its design. The three shades ensure a soft and diffuse distribution of light. If you want to a...

Wall Lamp Fredensborg- NORDLUX
  • Moka

Ref.: 10610119 | A Stylish and welcoming lamp in galvanised steel from Nordlux, making it ideal for all outdoor environments. The lamp provides excellent soft light, a...