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Gas water heater TRUST
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 13060015 | Specifications  Gas water heater / Capacity 6L/min Automatic ignition/ suitable for low pressure Flame on/ off switch/ multi safety function Ove...

Gas water heater MIDEA
  • Port Louis

Ref.:  JSD12-6DG2(13060017) | Gas water heater JSD12-6DG2 Double ignition Hot/cold water switch Multi safety protection

Booster pump SPP 33 Inox - Karcher
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 1.645-400 | Booster pump SPP 33 Inox - Karcher The submersible pressure pump starter kit for watering your garden. Featuring stainless steel pump housing and...

Water heater ALPHA SMART 18EP
  • Port Louis

Ref.: 526826 | SMART Features Auto Test: Auto checking of the internal circuit to detect any possible current leakage ELCB: Cuts off current flow in the event of any...

Gas water heater PACIFIC JSD1288
  • Port Louis

Ref.: JSD1288 | Gas water heater PACIFIC Very low start-up Water pressure (0.03 MPa) Flameout protection device Anti-frost protection Anti-dry burning protection...

Gas water heater MIKACHI MGWH6LTS2
  • Port Louis

Ref.:  MGWH6LTS2(13060008) | Mikachi Gas Water Heater 6L MGWH6LTS2 Gas water heater 6 LTS Flame out protection Anti-dry burning Protection Over heating Pro...

Water Heater - ALPHA SMART 18E
  • Port Louis

Ref.: SMART 18E(13060013) | Technology is constantly evolving, becoming more and more "intelligent" to anticipate our needs. Presenting the next generation of shower h...