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Gas water heater PACIFIC JSD1288
  • Port Louis

Ref.: JSD1288 | Gas water heater PACIFIC Very low start-up Water pressure (0.03 MPa) Flameout protection device Anti-frost protection Anti-dry burning protection...

Gas water heater MIKACHI MGWH6LTS2
  • Port Louis

Ref.:  MGWH6LTS2(13060008) | Mikachi Gas Water Heater 6L MGWH6LTS2 Gas water heater 6 LTS Flame out protection Anti-dry burning Protection Over heating Pro...

Water Heater - ALPHA SMART 18E
  • Port Louis

Ref.: SMART 18E(13060013) | Technology is constantly evolving, becoming more and more "intelligent" to anticipate our needs. Presenting the next generation of shower h...

Pre-adjustable pressure reducers with monobloc cartridge
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: 01085/05FR | Pressure reducers are devices that mount on private water networks to reduce and stabilize the pressure coming from the p...

Security groups THERMADOR
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: thermador | FUNCTION Safety groups protect the water heaters when the internal pressure reaches 7 bar. CONSTRUCTION GS: Chrome pl...

EASY FIT Piping System
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: easy-fit | EASY FIT piping system is the name by reference of the new generation of pipe system made of PEX-AL-PEX that combines the...

Instantaneous gas water heater FAST EVO ARISTON
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: fast-evo-b | COMFORT • Electronic temperature control EFFICIENCY&ENERGY SAVING • Thermostatic valve for solar system integration...

Peripheral wheel pumps KPS-KP
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: kps-kp | Peripheral wheel pumps for domestic use, of limited space and capable of providing high pressure for a water supply, small w...

Rainwater filter for downpipes
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: LP-TDCB7716 | The Rainus is a rainwater filter for downpipes, where the cleaned rainwater flows down into the downpipe. It is suitable...

Fibre Glass Water tanks
  • Grand Baie

On Quotation | Ref.: reservoirs | No more worries about water supply in periods of drought thanks to fiberglass tanks, these solid and reliable tanks are r...

Water pump Pentax PM 45
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Pentax PM 45 | Peripheral positive displacement pumps with frontal pumps for small household systems and simple industrial application...

Pressure tanks MAXIRED
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Varem-maxired | Pressure tanks MAXIREDThe Maxired plus tank is a high pressure bladder tank of the Varem Jetly brand.They are ideally...

KVC-X 85/120 Vertical pump
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: KVC4 | Vertical Pump KVC-X 85 / 120T Specifications- Flow rate max 12 m³ / h- Height of discharge (?) 112 meters, pressure of 11....

Booster pump Bi 40/50m
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Aquajet7 | Booster pump designed to ensure a constant supply of water in all cases where the existing supply is insufficient.• 2...

Jet - Water Pump 82M
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Aquajet3 | Jet - Water Pump 82M- Easy to use. Specifications> Capacity: 8L

ARISTON : Solar water storage
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Tank | Solar water stokage are recommended for residential applications with a solar system. Available capacity: 150, 200, 300 L

ARISTON : Gas water heater
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Next outdoor | New Ariston instant gas water heater for outdoor installation.With a unique design, small size (only 13 cm deep!) Produ...

ARISTON : Electric water heater
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: CLASSICO | Electric water heater Available in 4.5 kW & 7 kW

Water pumps DAB - Euro Inox
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: LP-TDCO4889 | Euro Inox waterpumps (Surface)- Self priming Centrifugal pump multicellular with horizontal axis, very quiet, adapted fo...

Feka VX waterpumps
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: LP-TDCO4895 | Feka VX waterpumps (relevage)- Submersible sewage pump for domestic waste water