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2 pieces set MAJORETTE

Ref.: 212054005 | The colourful vehicles guarantee hours of entertainment.Recommended age: 3 - 8 years 

Cookin Around Sounds Kitchen LITTLE TIKES

Ref.: 414510060 | Little Tikes Cookin Around Sounds Kitchen is just like home, with all the sounds of a busy kitchen. The stove top and grill has light-up pretend '...

3 in 1 solar robot

Indicative Price | Ref.: 2019 | Fun, this robot works directly with solar energy, daylight or artificial light.Easy to assemble, this solar robot does not...

Wonderful crystals Little Wonders

Ref.: 711104/05 | Wonderful Blue or Purple Crystals The Little Wonders by Moulin Roty Here is a kit for aspiring chemists. Pour boiling water into the provided contai...

My Montessori Box of Birds

Ref.: 978-2- | Discovering birds in a Montessori box Observe, recognize, and listen to birds in their habitat, with Montessori pedagogy • 105 identificat...

Educational Game Clic'educ - Vehicles

Ref.: clic-educ-vehicules | With Clic'Educ, learning colors by the small is a matter of click! Contents of the box: - 16 colorful activity boards - 48 pawns of 8 colo...

My Montessori box of the garden

Ref.: 978-2- | Recognize, plant, observe the riches of the garden, according to the Montessori method. - 120 identification cards - 2 bags of Vilmorin seed...

My baby box Montessori

Ref.: 978-2- | A box to accommodate baby according to Montessori philosophy. The box includes: A mobile of butterflies 10 large black and white cards 1 b...

Clic'educ mosaic

Ref.: clic-educ-mosaiques | A game of color recognition, fine manipulation, imagination and creation around the world of animals and vehicles. The child chooses a b...

My wallet Montessori

Ref.: ZA10 | My wallet Montessori Nathan Prepare for writing and reading according to Montessori pedagogy Age: 3 - 6 years

The game that makes super happy

Ref.: ZP05 | The game that makes super happy Nathan A game of atmosphere for the whole family: to reach the cloud of happiness and discover the gift that you rese...

Calendar Clock

Ref.: ZP04 | Calendar Clock Goula Allows young children to understand the rhythm of time: clock with hours and minutes, seasons, days and weather. Age: 3 years...

Chimi Chemistry

Ref.: ZP07 | Chimi Chemistry Buki France A box to learn about chemistry without danger. Add volumes and discover mixtures through 10 easily achievable experiments.

Bioviva Junior

Ref.: bioviva-junior | Inspired by the original game and adapted for ages 5 and up ! AIM THE GAME 3 challenges, all in images, inspired by the original Bioviva gam...

Pastry suitcase

Ref.: 632406 | Pastry suitcase This beautiful suitcase is illustrated with Sylvain, Jeanne and Julius in full preparation of cakes. It contains 12 accessories to co...

Suitcase - I am tinkering

Ref.: 632403 | Here is a real wooden tool case, almost like dad's!

Animal lacing game GOULA

Ref.: 53138 | This game box contains: - 4 animal-shaped lace cards: a dog, a cat, a bird, a snail - 4 laces of 4 different colors: yellow, red, blue and green - 4 a...

Assembly Game At Home GOULA

Ref.: Goula-maison | This creative game offers children to complete 4 rooms of the house (bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen) by fixing the corresponding items...

Fun Characters With Moving Joints

Ref.: 53144 | Articulated characters: Sam, Eddie & Lisa - GOULA Dimensions: Height of a character: 30 cm

Educational game 1-10 Maths

Ref.: 53405 | Each player with 10 sliders (from 1 to 10). Number of players: 2 - 4 Age range: 3 to 5 years