Panache & Co Ltd est une entreprise installée dans le domaine du bois depuis 31 ans.
Elle s'engage à  donner le meilleur à  sa clientèle et surtout la qualité. Son équipe comprend des professionnels qui répondront à  vos attentes.


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Interior design : shops and businesses

On Quotation | Ref.: Services d'aménagement pour boutiques et bureaux | The set up of a store is an essential lever of trade to motivate a consumer, increa...

Interior design : decoration and fabrics advice

On Quotation | Ref.: Conseils d'aménagement interieur - Tissus et déco | The decoration and the design of your interior no longer seduce you. Now you only...

Tailor made kitchen furniture

On Quotation | Ref.: Cuisines | Unique and personal, custom made furniture is created to exactly meet your needs. Height, width and depth, everything is...

Custom-made Carved furniture

On Quotation | Ref.: Meu | Are you carved furniture of Renaissance style lovers? Panache will manufacture your furniture according to your desires.

Custom-made Bedroom Furniture

On Quotation | Ref.: Chambres | The bedroom should be a room where calm and serenity reign, a room that relaxes you, where you can read or work quietly....

Custom-made Doors and windows

On Quotation | Ref.: Portes et fenêtres | A whole range of openings, doors and windows in very resistant wood, tailor-made for you!

Custom-made Garden furniture

Ref.: Meubles de jardin et decking | We offer garden furniture and decking that match your needs and desires to beautify your garden!

Custom-made Bathroom furniture

On Quotation | Ref.: Salle de bains | Panache offers custom bathroom furniture. To have a storage space in your bathroom, it is essential to complete it...

Custom-made Stairs

On Quotation | Ref.: Escaliers | What type of stairs to choose for your interior? We manufacture custom stairs that fit your needs.

Custom-made Wood roofing & carpentry, pergolas

On Quotation | Ref.: Toitures, charpentes et pergolas | Especially for you: straw roofs, shingles roofs, carpentry and wooden pergolas! We will implement...

Custom-made Indoor furniture

On Quotation | Ref.: Meubles d'intérieur | To make your home warm and welcoming in modern, pure and simple designs, trust in Panache.

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