Grewals existe depuis plus de 50 ans et offre une large gamme de produits : bois (menuiserie, construction, panneaux), tôle profilée, Betafence (matériaux de sécurité), produits de protection et de décoration du bois et des peintures.


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Heliotan professional
  • Port Louis

Ref.: LP-TDAM7758 | sealer LIFE For indoor High resistance to abrasion Washable and washable odorless Color natural satin 2.5L = 30 m cube

XYLOPHENE furniture and ancient objects treatment
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE86 | Triple Action + 25 years old.A preventive and curative product to treat interior furniture.XYLOPHENE Furniture and Antique Objects is ready to use and ac...

Garden bench 90cm
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 4025 | Ref.: Gre50 | Bench in pine 90 cm Back and seat in half-log Feets in pine logs Custom dimensions

Stool bar
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Gre48 | Bar stool in natural wood for a rustic look.

Side table
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 2270 | Ref.: Gre46 | Side table in treated pine logs, crossed legs. Custom dimensions

Fluid wood stain INA HELIOTAN 5L
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE95 | An aqueous alkyd resin based surfactant incorporating nanoparticles. Microporous, water repellent, fungicidal, insecticidal, anti-UV and weather resistan...

Wood treatment XYLO TOTAL M2000
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE91 | PREVENTIVE AND CURATIVE TREATMENTInsecticide, fungicide and anti-termite for interior and exterior wood. An insecticidal, fungicidal and anti-termite tre...

Wooden deck of Cumaru
  • Port Louis

Ref.: Cumaru | Dims: 100 x 21 mmOrigin: BrazilThe price is per m2The Cumaru is a very resistant wood often used for structures subjected to strong climatic conditions...

Round stool
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE80 | Made entirely from logs of pine, this stool will add an exotic decor in your interior as well as your outside.Height: 450 mm

Waxing oil 2.5L HCE HELIOTAN
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE94 | Finishing product for the protection and decoration of parquet and interior carpentry.All wood and materials derived from interior wood (parquet floors,...

Wood stain with satin finish
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE88 | Durability of the wood stain: 10 yearsExceptional adhesionReinforced impregnationAnti-UV reflecting effect The HELIOTAN HES wood stain protects all exte...

Suspended timber lighting
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 13800 | Ref.: GRE84 | This homemade luminaire is made entirely of solid wood.The spotlights that are embedded there.To be suspended...

Wooden planter
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE79 | Planter made of pine wood log .

Coffee table
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 4508 | Ref.: Gre49 | For a deco spirit "nature", this wooden table of raw pine will go as well in a living room, a terrace on the s...

Picnic table
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 22138 | Ref.: Gre47 | Picnic table in treated pine wood with benches. Custom dimensions

Coffee table
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 2070 | Ref.: Gre45 | Treated pine log table, crossed legs. Custom dimensions

Plywood sheet Kiaat
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE81 | GENERAL DESCRIPTIONIt grows mainly in the savanna forests throughout Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. WOOD PROPERTIESDensity: 640kg...

Mughona wood deck
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE93 | Dims: 88 x 20 mmOrigin: MozambiquePrice per m2

Wooden deck of Kiaat
  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE87 | Dims: 88 x 20 mmOrigin: MozambiquePrice per m2WOOD PROPERTIESDensity: 640kg / m³Duramen: Brown with irregular reds streaksAubier: Color oatsA first...

  • Port Louis

Ref.: GRE83 | Wooden coasters made of solid wood slabs carefully sanded for a durable and liquid-resistant finish. A nice gift idea perfect for a table decoration or t...

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