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Transformer Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9

Ref.: 52080 | Turn your robot into a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9.With incandescent light effects.Age: 5+ years 

XINDA Helmet
  • Trou aux Biches

Perfect for rock climbing, hiking, trekking and cycling!

Stackable Cubes Les Jolies Trop Beaux

Ref.: 665210 | With this set of 10 illustrated and colorful cubes, your little one can learn while having fun. Each face can be aligned with the others to form the cha...

Photo Album Les Papoums

Ref.: 658311 | The elephant, the hippopotamus and their young in the savannah illustrate this attractive photo album Les Papoums. It contains 100 illustrated pages...

Fanatic NewWave 76L Windsurf Board
  • Rivière Noire - Black River

Fanatic NewWave 76L Waveboard. Very light under 6kg, used but in good conditions. Including 3x Footstraps and original Fin. Price only Rs 3.000 or 75 EUR (!). This Boar...

Mother-waters neoserum

Ref.: Gue08 | Facial skincare base with Mother-Waters The Guérande NeoSerum is an osmo-active concentrate, for use on all skin types, as a base for face treatments....

KIDOODOO solid shampoo

Ref.: SH-KID1 | Kidoodoo the solid shampoo that makes boo to l ...! For the great happiness of parents and children. The formula based on quassia amara and neem oil (a...

SMILOH toothbrush

Ref.: ACC-SMILOH-NAT1 | The first French designer toothbrush and 100% biodegradable. Vegan, in short, very slow. Natural bamboo - soft bristles.

CRYSTAL solid toothpaste

Ref.: Dent-CRB1 | Crystal, rechargeable solid toothpaste. Practical and ecological. Natural, vegan and ultra fresh fragrance. Capacity: 20 ml

BLACK IS BLACK solid toothpaste

Ref.: Dent-Bibb1 | Black is Black, fantastic solid toothpaste in refill mode. Coal. For teeth glowing with joy. Capacity: 20 ml

Bamboo children toothbrush

Ref.: ACC-SMILOH-KID1 | The toothbrush bamboo small is finally available .... because there is no age to be ecological;) vegan, slow and 100% biodegradable. Soft br...

Lessive machine
  • Port Louis

Lessive machine 3L

3 shaped puzzles- Feathered animals

Ref.: 427010 | With simple forms and few pieces adapted especially for 2 year-old children, the Avenue Mandarine puzzles will help little girls and boys to develop the...

Puzzle box- My best friend

Ref.: 624210 | 4 new box sets full of mischief and sweetness… For girls… and boys! -25 pieces.

Domino- Animals and textures

Ref.: 427640 | Discover or rediscover our educative boxes. Useful, playful and colorful, those educative games will follow little children through their learning of sh...

Pink cotton flower blanket

Ref.: Corolle-02 | The soft blanket with its cape to tie that accompanies baby for hugs from evening to morning. The link of his cape makes it possible to tie it every...

Purity face mask

Ref.: Gue07 | The purity face mask with Guérande marine clay tightens the pores of the epidermis and mattifies the skin. Its exclusive formula provides a relaxing, reb...

Gentle micellar lotion

Ref.: Gue04 | Face and eyes, 2-in-1 make-up remover Guérande micellar lotion cleanses and removes make-up, while remineralizing and softening the skin. The skin is...

NOTOX solid shampoo

Ref.: SH-NOT1 | Notox is the solid balancing shampoo ideal for stressed, oily, itchy and dandruffy hair. Tulsi, ayurvedic plant. Without sulphates. Aimed at problem...

Cosy nest

Ref.: C0171C | Caring, creating, observing ... Three boxes to assemble in order to welcome or feed the birds and insects of its garden. Made of wood and to customise w...