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Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)
  • Mapou

Ref.: PDL99 | Pitaya is commonly known as "dragon fruit". The fruit's texture is sometimes likened to that of the kiwifruit because of its black, crunchy seeds. The...

Sedum Plant
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6091242062783 | Sedum Plant Bring some greenery to your garden with this beautiful Sedum plant.

BBQ grill Verygrill VERYCOOK
  • Moka

Ref.: VERYGRILL | BBQ accessory Verygrill VERYCOOK Flexible and quick - Thanks to strong burners, the charcoal can start to smoulder in no time at all. Fish, meat a...

Fibre Glass Flower pot polygon
  • Grand Baie

Price starting from Rs. 4002 | Ref.: FP14 | These fiberglass polygon flower pots will give a modern look to your home or garden.Available in the color of y...

Pizza oven Verypizz VERYCOOK
  • Moka

Ref.: VERYPIZZ | Pizza oven Verypizz VERYCOOK A REAL PIZZA OVEN FOR YOUR PLANCHA GRILL. The Verypizz’ is an outside pizza oven that fits your on plancha grill to...

Crete Pot
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Price starting from Rs. 790 | Ref.: 8712062918224 | Crete Pot for your interior. Available in white and gray Available in ø25 x 8 cm and ø35 x 10cm

Mango tree
  • Mapou

Price starting from Rs. 2500 | Ref.: PDL98 | Mango tree:  Rs 2,500 - Rs 3,500. The Pépinière de Labourdonnais, created in the 1950s, is one of the oldes...

  • Mapou

Ref.: PDL100 | Topsoil 12 liters. Usefulness: A superficial soil layer, rich in minerals, it is used to enrich your land. Light and easy to work, it can be used d...

Portable Charcoal Barbecue Red Suitcase

Ref.: C37-15-006 | Grill to bring! This portable barbecue case signifies the end of cold picnics. This portable barbecue includes a charcoal bowl, a charcoal grill, a...

Letter box
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0077191 | REF : 0077191 Letter Box Dimensions : 30 (H) x 22 (L) x 6.8 (P) cm

BBQ major
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0080202 | REF : 0080202 BBQ major black go Fuel: Charcoal Height (cm) 101.5 Ø 47.5 cm Tip: Thanks to the barbecue MAJOR GO become the master of...

Tokyo Twinconcept Flower Pot
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0079634 | Ref : 0079634 Tokyo Twinconcept Flower Pot Capacity: 44 L Dimension : D 50 x H 33.5 cm Color: White Also available in blue

Tokyo Twinconcept Flower Pot
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0079630 | Ref : 0079630 Tokyo Twinconcept Flower Pot Capacity: 44L Dimension: D 50 x H 33.5 cm Color: Blue

Garden shower
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0003483 | Ref : 0003483 Garden shower on tripods. Adjustable head and adjustable height. Flow adjustment.  

Natural Christmas tree
  • Mapou

Price starting from Rs. 350 | Ref.: PDL101 | Christmas tree to cut The Pépinière de Labourdonnais, created in the 1950s, is one of the oldest nurseries...

  • Mapou

Price starting from Rs. 200 | Ref.: PDL97 | Araucaria available in 3 heights: - Small: Rs 200 - Medium: Rs 500 - Big: Rs 800 - Rs 1,500 The Pépiniè...

BBQ basic
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0080201 | REF : 0080201 BBQ basic black Charcoal barbecue Cooking surface: Ø40 cm Dimensions: Ø40xH74.5 cm Ignition system: Manual Material:...

Smoker + aroma pack
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0080203 | REF : 0080203 Smoking xl + aroma pack Cooking surface: ø 52 cm Number of people 10 Delivered with : Robust hooks A cooking basket...

  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0080204 | REF : 0080204 Plancha Campo Dim: 52.5 x 41.4 x 20 cm Gas griddle 2 stainless steel burners. Power 5KW. Piezo ignition. Fat recuperat...

  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0080206 | REF : 0080206 Barbecook 3.0 Impulse Snow Number of people: 8 Cooking grids: 45 x 40 cm, enamelled Enamelled waiting grid Side burn...