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BIGGIE BEST Small hand towel
  • Curepipe

Ref.: BB1245 | BIGGIE BEST Small hand towel Opt for this little BIGGIE BEST hand towel for a touch of elegance in your bathroom. Color : White

Pouch in natural rattan with shell
  • Terre Rouge

Price starting from Rs. 4300 | Ref.: 107921DEAC/107922DEAC | Very design pouch in natural rattan with shell.

Shower curtain
  • Vacoas - Phoenix

Ref.: 0078042 | Ref : 0078042 Shower curtain Polyester shower curtain. Dimension : 180 x 180 cm

Bathrobe MANAGUA

Ref.: peignoir-managua | The Managua teenager bathrobe is in a loop 60% cotton and 40% viscose, 310 gr / m². Color: Fuchsia and white

Bath towel ARTIFICE

Ref.: serviette-artifice | The bath towel is in embroidered cotton loop 600 g / m².


Ref.: Zebra-serviette | Zebra bath towel will bring a fresh touch to your bathroom! Quality 100% cotton, 600gr / m². Color: Purple.

Bath towel ALESSIA

Ref.: serviette-alessia | Bath towel ALESSIA. Sponge quality 100% cotton, in 650g / m². Color: Gray

Bath towel NOEMIE

Ref.: serviette-noemie | Bath towel NOEMIE Available in 3 different colors; anise, coral and white. Quality: 100% cotton, 600 gr / m² and bath mat in 900 gr / m²

Bathrobe for men TOURNOI

Ref.: Tournoi-peignoir | Bathrobe for men TOURNOI The man bathrobe is in cotton granite, 450 g / m². Shape: hood, belt loops, inner pocket and fitted sleeves. Finis...

Bathrobe for men UTOPIE

Ref.: Utopie-peignoir | Bathrobe for men UTOPIE Soft, in a warm cotton velvet (360g / m2). Available size M, L and XL

Bathrobe INAYA

Ref.: Peignoir-inaya | The bathrobe for men from INAYA is very soft because it is made of soft polyester (260g / m²). Available from size M to XXL.

Bathrobe for women ANGELE

Ref.: peignoir-angele | Bathrobe for women ANGELE. Available size S, M, L. Color: White

Bathrobe for Men GIVERNY

Ref.: Giverny-peignoir | The Giverny bathrobe for men is in velvet 100% cotton, 360 grs / m² and is in blue color. Size: L, XL

Bath towel MUST

Ref.: drap de douche-must | The MUST jacquard bath towel is in embroidered cotton loop 600 g / m². Color : Taupe

Dishcloth UTOPIE

Ref.: lavette-utopie | The Utopie dishcloth is made of loops 600g / m² with 60% cotton and 40% viscose bamboo. Color: Blue or white

Bath towel INAYA

Ref.: drap de douche-inaya | The adult shower sheet from the INAYA set is made of cotton (600g / cm²). Color: Ebony

Bathrobe for woman INAYA

Ref.: peignoir-inaya | The bathrobe for woman from INAYA is made of jacquard cotton velvet (400 g / m²). Available in: M, L, XL

Bath sheet MANAGUA

Ref.: drap de douche-managua | The fuchsia Managua bath sheet is made of 100% cotton, 600 gr / m².

Bath sheet CALYPSO

Ref.: drap de douche-calypso | The Calypsoshower sheet is made of 100% cotton 600 g / m².

Dishcloth ELISA

Ref.: lavette-elisa | Dishcloth Elisa is made of sponge 100% cotton 650 gr / m². Color: Slate