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Renodeck - Pool Deck Overlay
  • Curepipe

Indicative Price | Ref.: LP-TDEX10017 | Discover Renodeck Overlay System: a Polymer based cement, sprayed onto an existing concrete/cement surface to renov...

Smoosh Air Lounger

Ref.: SKU 00001 | If you love the outdoors as much as we do, you going to love Smoosh - self inflatable air lounger. Manufactured from high quality, durable 310T ri...

ZODIAC Pool Leaf Trap
  • Flic en Flac

Ref.: WP95/ 117 | This leaf trap is the perfect accessory for capturing debris that remains suspended in your pool.

Decking Timber
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 1500 | Ref.: LP-TDEX1244 | Decking timber ,ideal for outdoors. Raw material only Durable and Sustainable Durapine Decking Durable E...

LIGHTDECK the alternative to wood in terms of decking!
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 500 | Ref.: LP-TDEX5646 | LIGHTDECK is made of a unique combination of wood and plastic fibers. LIGHTDECK gets its plastic and w...

Maintenance Pack

Price starting from Rs. 3500 | Ref.: Maint. 1 | Audax Maintenance Pack Offers the maintenance of your Swimming Pool as From Rs. 3,500/Month (Excl. Vat) Our...

Robot balai piscine Gemini
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6009632779685 | Robot balai piscine qui vous permettra de récupérer les débris tombés dans le fond ou accrochés aux parois de votre piscine.

Pool Flex 8 Wheel Sweeper Eazi-Fit
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6008125000060 | Pool Flex 8 Wheel Sweeper Eazi-Fit Features: - The 8 wheel sweeper is a manual vacuum used in cleaning pool surfaces - Particularly useful i...

  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6008125000077 | Brush Poolbrite 450mm Eazi-Fit  

Stabilised chlorine MONTH MATE
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6008125000589 | Specifications • Stabilised chlorine with built in algaecide • Water clarifier and enhancer • Treats a 50 000L pool up to a month • 138...

Leaf Skimmer
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6008125000121 | Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean And Leaf-Free.

Pool Pump
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6091242113751 | Specifications • Max. suction: 3.5 m • Max. liquid temperature: +35°C • It is used for water circulation in small and medium-sized swimming...

Spare Brush
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6001668000351 | Spare Brush for cleaning the pool.

Algae Brush
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6008125000091 | Poolbrite 130mm Algae Brush Eazi-Fit Features: - 130mm wide nylon bristled brush to clean algae off pool surfaces - A handy Eazi Fit attachm...

Double Beach Bed BESTWAY
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6942138940398 | Double Beach Bed BESTWAY Dimensions : 193 x 142 cm

Triple Slider H2OGO BESTWAY
  • Rose Hill - Quatre Bornes

Ref.: 6942138932195 | Grab your friends for a neat way to cool off with this awesome H2O-Go water slide! The speed ramp™ launches your child down the three slide lanes...

TOP-FLOC Flocculant Cartridge
  • Flic en Flac

Ref.: WP96/ 199 | Box with 8 ultra-concentrated clarifier cartridges that improve your sand filtration and prevent cloudy water. May be sold individually at Rs 260.

KOKIDO Filter Bag Pro-Skim
  • Flic en Flac

Ref.: WP75 | This box consists of 12 filter bags for skimmer basket that will protect your pump and swimming pool equipment.

  • Flic en Flac

Ref.: WP77 | Box containing 12 ultra-concentrated clarifier tabs that improves spas filtration and clarifies water.

LED Pool Light
  • Flic en Flac

Ref.: WP92 | Opt for this LED light that will bring a soft and intense lighting to your swimming pool. Its standard dimension fits all pools design.