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Winnie the pooh toilet bag

Indicative Price | Ref.: 002109 | Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Toiletry KitWinnie the Pooh and Tigger invite you into your bathroom!Practical for travel, t...

Set of 2 Suction Cups- The First Years

Ref.: Y6459 | This set of 2 suction cups helps keep plates & bowls in place. Made without BPA and dishwasher safe Age: 9 months +

Set of 2 Spoons First Food- The First Years

Ref.: Y6457 | Designed with an occupational therapist, our two-piece set steps baby up in stages. Dip the stage 1 tool in purees to trap food, then transition to th...

Orthodontic pacifier- The First Years

Ref.: Y6384/Y6387 | This orthodontic pacifier prevents future dental troubles by keeping babies' jaws in the correct position during use. Material: 100% silicone...

Soft- Tip Medicine Dispenser- The First Years

Ref.: Y7061 | The First Years Medicine dispenser makes administration of medicine easy and convenient. Ergonomically designed and engineered, this medicine dispens...

Poubelle AngelCare/bac d'eau/matelas a langer
  • Flacq - Belle Mare

Poubelle anti-odeur, matelas a langer avec musique, bac d'eau pour changer bebe.

Wonderful crystals Little Wonders

Ref.: 711104/05 | Wonderful Blue or Purple Crystals The Little Wonders by Moulin Roty Here is a kit for aspiring chemists. Pour boiling water into the provided contai...

My Montessori Box of Birds

Ref.: 978-2- | Discovering birds in a Montessori box Observe, recognize, and listen to birds in their habitat, with Montessori pedagogy • 105 identificat...

Educational Game Clic'educ - Vehicles

Ref.: clic-educ-vehicules | With Clic'Educ, learning colors by the small is a matter of click! Contents of the box: - 16 colorful activity boards - 48 pawns of 8 colo...

My Montessori box of the garden

Ref.: 978-2- | Recognize, plant, observe the riches of the garden, according to the Montessori method. - 120 identification cards - 2 bags of Vilmorin seed...

My baby box Montessori

Ref.: 978-2- | A box to accommodate baby according to Montessori philosophy. The box includes: A mobile of butterflies 10 large black and white cards 1 b...

Clic'educ mosaic

Ref.: clic-educ-mosaiques | A game of color recognition, fine manipulation, imagination and creation around the world of animals and vehicles. The child chooses a b...

Live butterfly garden

Ref.: B00000ISC5 | See Tiny Caterpillars Grow, Grow, Grow into Butterflies Kids can observe the butterfly life cycle up close with this butterfly kit from Insect Lore...

Head and Body support- THE FIRST YEARS

Ref.: J000337A7 | This body support cushion is perfect for baby's head and neck for a safe and comfortable posture. The head support is adjustable and removable to...

Set of 2 Adjust and Lock Car Shade- THE FIRST YEARS

Ref.: Y3355 | Shield your child from irritating glare and from exposure to too much sunlight in the car. Our Adjust 'N Lock Car Shade provides year-round safety pro...

Soft grip Trainer Seat - THE FIRST YEARS

Ref.: Y7778 | One-piece trainer seat fits on your family toilet. Wide, soft grip handles offer comfort and security. Pee shield helps to reduce mess and is easy to...

My wallet Montessori

Ref.: ZA10 | My wallet Montessori Nathan Prepare for writing and reading according to Montessori pedagogy Age: 3 - 6 years

The game that makes super happy

Ref.: ZP05 | The game that makes super happy Nathan A game of atmosphere for the whole family: to reach the cloud of happiness and discover the gift that you rese...

Calendar Clock

Ref.: ZP04 | Calendar Clock Goula Allows young children to understand the rhythm of time: clock with hours and minutes, seasons, days and weather. Age: 3 years...

Chimi Chemistry

Ref.: ZP07 | Chimi Chemistry Buki France A box to learn about chemistry without danger. Add volumes and discover mixtures through 10 easily achievable experiments.