Profilage offre des tôles pour toitures et bardages, tôles en aluminium avec fixations en acier inoxydable (pour les régions côtières ou encore que les planchers), faux-plafonds et des lames de clôture en acier laqué.


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Translucent roof ONDUCLAIR
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: translucent820/760 | Translucent sheets for ONDUCLAIR PC polycarbonate roofing provide excellent light transmission. They also provid...

Gutters in pvc
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: gouttière | Available in U or square form. Gutters are available in 4m long with accessories.

Aluminium pelmets
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: lambrequins | In order to personalize your house facade, you can opt for the installation of aluminium pelmets. They make an attrac...

False ceiling
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: PROF17 | Available in several sizes:600 x 600 mm165 mm595 x 595 mm A variety of colors available!

Metal sheet roofing
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Profil820/760 | Pre-painted zincalume profiles are available in several colors to order, depending on the required surface. Length:...

  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Aquilon55 | A stylish and elegant fence for the residential and industrial sector. Aquilon Fencing, Aquilon 55 Premium, is unique with...

Blade for fencing
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: PROF01 | Blade for fencing Available up to 4 m high. Available in different colors and heights, to complete your closing project a...

Metal Roof failures
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: C-purlins | The grade Z 275 made of galvanized metal S320 GD used for our purlins guarantees a resistance of + - 350 Mpa and a Tensil...

Thermatech® - Solar reflectance paint system
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: Thermatech | Thermatech technology reflects more of sun's heat and acts like an added insulation. It offers greater thermal comfort in...

Composite flooring CofraPlus 60
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: CofraPlus 60 | Cofraplus 60, by ArcelorMittal, is the world best-selling composite flooring. It offers numerous advantages as: Avoids...

Aluminium Roofing
  • Terre Rouge

On Quotation | Ref.: aluminium-3004 | We strongly recommend that aluminium alloy 3004 be used, together with stainless steel screws, in coastal regions les...

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