Magasin spécialisé en sols stratifiés, parquets stratifiés (100% étanches), parquets laminés, panneaux en polyester, moustiquaires rétractable, auvents, échelles télescopiques, et divers accessoires.


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Supernet » Window & door Mosquito Screen
  • Port Louis

Price starting from Rs. 3280 | Ref.: LP-TDDE3019 | Sells by m2 FEATURES : 100% Retractable Restores full view without Obstruction Protect you against mosqu...

Demolition cement stones
  • Port Louis

Ref.: LP-TDDE11136 | Transform your home into a warm and cosy haven and give to each room its own personality. These decorative panels are 100% waterproof and are made...

Super sealer
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: super sealer | Safe and Handy to use Use 2 Batteries AA

Engineered floor - MODERNA FLOORING
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Moderna | The Moderna range offers a wide selection of first class flooring. Features Premium collectionSurface appearance: 3 bladesWa...

Solid Balau decking
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Balau | Ideal for terraces.

Vinyl flooring PERGO 100% waterproof
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: PERGO Vinyl | The new collection of Pergo vinyl floors is a nothing short of a re-vinylution. Anew surface offers a natural look and f...

Electric peeler
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Electric Peeler | Electric peeler with 2 AA batteries User friendly Safe for children

Flooring > Engineered Wood
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Universal | Wide range of colors and materials: Pic 1 - Monet cognac oak Pic 2 - Monet Burgundy oak Pic 3 - Monet Normandy oak Pic 4 -...

Laminated Flooring - NATURE FLOOR
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Nature floor | Ecological Norms Easy to clean Resistantto chemical products Stain resistant Resistant to cigarette burns Easy Mai...

Flooring » Pergo Laminated Flooring
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Pergo | Pergo’s assortment of laminate floors for 2010 is divided into three design categories: Inspired by Wood, Inspired by Minerals...

Clear Burglar Guards
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Clear Burglar Guards | A transparent burglar guard - unobstructed view offering optical clarity and aesthetic pleasing character Cons...

Laminated flooring PERGO Sensation
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: PERGO Sensation | Pergo reinvents the laminate floor  with the introduction of Pergo Sensation. With the brand new AquaSafe technology...

Teco deck
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Decking | Waterproof/ Anti Ultra Violet Anti-Corrosive Natural Wood Texture Environmental Friendly (No need Paint and Maintenance)...

Polycarbonate roof ECOLITE
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Ecolite | Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic material that is lightweight and can withstand extremely low and high temperatures....

Laminated flooring
  • Port Louis

On Quotation | Ref.: Kronopol | This vast range of laminated flooring offers comfort and esthetic thanks to the rich colours these Kronopol laminated panel...

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