Water Pleasures est une société spécialisée dans l'entretien, la maintenance et l'analyse de votre piscine & équipements. Nous sommes aussi spécialisés dans la construction de piscines en béton et l'installation de piscines en fibre de verre. Nous vendons aussi des équipements de filtration, de nettoyage et des produits chimiques.


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Tiger Towels - Tub of 70
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Ref.: A24 | Tiger Towels multi-purpose  for cleaning and degreasing.May be used on all safe surfaces including stainless steel, fiberglass, porcelain, aluminum, c...

Peek Polish
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Ref.: WP84 | This fine metal polish is non-abrasive and not only cleans, but polishes and protects a multitude of surfaces.PEEK Metal Cleaner is perfect for aluminium...

Inflatable chair
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Ref.: 13040 | Inflatable chair with leg rest.Dimension : 170 x 87 cm 

Floating luminous ball
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Ref.: 107112 | Outdoor LED luminous ball.Diameter : 80 cm 

Nutcracker Plus aerosol
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Ref.: A17 | Nutcracker Plus aerosol- Antirust- Not flammable 

All-surface, dusting cleaner and polishing protector - Lemon Plus
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Ref.: A12 | This aerosol surface cleaner - Lemon Plus contains lemon flavoured.Ideal for use on plastic, wood, vinyl, ceramic, chrome, stainless steel, porcelain, marb...

Lubricant & Release agent - Dry-Lon
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Ref.: A4 | Lubricant & Release agent - Dry-LonMultifunctional product with a strong action at fast-action metal assemblies, and a lubricating protective action bec...

Concentrated bleaching solution - 5L
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Ref.: A10 | Concentrated bleaching solution - 5LThis product is a concentrated bleaching solution for white colors.Capacity : 5 L

Floating Bean bag
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Ref.: 13041 | Floating Bean bag Brand : KERLISDiameter : 80 cm Dimensions: 80X80cmColor : Blue 

Seat buoy for child
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Ref.: 11621 | Seat buoy for childMaterial : PVCDiameter : 82 cmColor : Yellow 

Inflatable dolphin for pool
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Ref.: 13025 | White inflatable dolphin for children.- 2 handlesBrand : KERLISColor : White & BlueSize : Extra large Dimension :160 cm x 85 cm x 63 cm

Foam-Away Aerosol
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Ref.: A6 | Filter cleaner spray - Foam-Away, non-caustic, non-acidic.- Odorless- Leaves no oily residue 

Chlorine stabilizer - 5Kgs
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Ref.: WP02 | Chlorine stabilizer - 5KgsDetails :  - Add 100 g / 10,000 liters- Prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight- Reduces chlorine consumption and maintenanc...

Liquid detergent - TWEENKLE 5L
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Ref.: A25 | Tweenkle is a dishwasher detergent specially designed for dishwashing by hand, in hotels and motels.Usage tips:Use 25-30 ml per liter of hot water for best...

Liquid detergent - Supreme Kleen 5L
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Ref.: A22 | Liquid detergent - Supreme Kleen 5LSupreme Kleen is a liquid detergent (dishwashing liquid) used for washing dishes by hand. This product is commonly...

Universal prefilter for skimmer
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Ref.: WP42 | Universal prefilter for skimmer1 box of 12 units 

Chlorine Kit for swimming pool
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Price starting from Rs. 17710 | Ref.: WP88 | Chlorine Kit for swimming poolFor pools of 15 to 80m3 Available in several models:J100 standard - Volume 60 m3...

Floating chair - Baby Dobber
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Ref.: WP86 | Baby Dobber is a safe floating chair for children with the weight less than 11 kg. It allows you to have both arms free while the baby is safe and can enj...

Chlorine Stabilisor hth pace
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Ref.: WP82 | This will depend on the contents of your order and your delivery location. In general: Food items are available for next-day deliveryClothing, homeware an...

Outdoor shower
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Ref.: WP78 | Outdoor showerIn the hot weather, there is no more cool enjoyment than swimming in your own outdoor pool. But it’s obvious that not all families can...

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